What is the Meaning of Blogger in 2018

What is the Meaning of Blogger

Blogger is the word used to refer a person who writes on a blog. The blogger need to have sufficient level of understanding and skills to write on a topic. This attracts reader’s attention and flourishes the traffic of the blog. Blogger can choose to write on a single category or multiple categories such as a blogger can choose to write on foods, entertainment, sports and SEO etc. But, certain categories such as medical related writing require special knowledge and background in the medical field to create a master piece.

What is the Meaning of Blogger

What is the Meaning of Blogger in 2018

Good vs. Great Blogger

Though, there are millions of the bloggers all over the globe, but they differ in quality. We differentiate bloggers depending upon the quality of the writing. As we know, any blogger can write on a given topic, but there is something that differentiates ordinary writing from the other is the quality in the writing. This only pop ups in the blogger’s writing who has the following characteristics:

Knowledge about the niche – In order to write quality content, it is mandatory that the blogger must have knowledge about the niche or industry. He or she must have practical experience in the field. This ensures that the blogger’s writing involves factual findings and real life examples. He or she would be using the terminologies/ jargons in the writing that will clearly depict his or her knowledge about the industry. A blogger who does not have any background in the industry will definitely lack these skills. As a result, these will depict in his or her writing.

Relevancy – Every effort should be made to ensure that your posts remain pertinent with each other. Otherwise, this will make your bog an ugly piece of data collection that may cause confusion among the visitors or readers of your blog. Great bloggers always create relevant posts in the blog. For them, it is not a big deal to find pertinent ideas and make a post over that. The relevancy is quite beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes because search engine like Google gives a lot of weight to a blog who provides up to date relevant information to the readers. Not just that, you also improves the SEO score of your blog’s internal pages by inter-linking relevant posts. In today’s era, this is assumed to be the number one tactic to improve site DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), TF (trust flow) and CF (citation flow)

Engaging Content – Another characteristic of a great blogger is that he or she writes engaging contents that binds the reader to the end of the article. The content of your posts must be interactive and interesting and should provoke a floor for discussion. This ensures your post remains viral and updated due to latest comments. When the search engines find the post is getting lots of relevant comments and is a hub of positive discussion and analysis, they could raise your SERP (search engine ranking position) and will enjoy massive amount of traffic from the relevant keywords.

Writing Skills – No matter how much knowledge you have about the topic. If you do not know how to write engaging content and your grammar is week, then you may not be able to produce great content. This will affect your blog very badly and you will receive a very low amount of traffic. Great writing skills build over the time when you start writing and read other master piece books or blogs. Try to memorize the sentences, a great blogger used in his or her writing to make your own writing brilliant.

Organized Approach – Great bloggers manage their time very efficiently. In order to succeed in your life, the time management is very critical. If you are not utilizing your work properly, then you are planning to fail. Great bloggers have proper schedule for every task. If they write on more than one blog, they make a plan to regularly update their blogs. They know in advance when they need to write on the topic, so they start the topic research well before going to write. Usually, they take support from mobile devices and use mobile phones to research the topic when they are in travelling or in the parties. So, when they sit to write on the topic, they fully equip with the topic.

Blogger’s Passion – It is very important that blogger must have a passion regarding the topic in order to write brilliantly. If the blogger has no interest in the topic, he or she will not be able to express his or her thoughts completely and in the exact words. The fruits of the blogging do not come up instantly and the bloggers start to get the results over a long period of time. In this situation, it is the passion that keeps the blogger motivated and compels him or her to write great content that could generate reader’s interest.

Professionalism – In order to become a great blogger, you have to follow ethics and professionalism in your writing. If you are sharing any other blogger’s work in your writing, you must refer to his or her blog. We have seen many bloggers copying other blogger’s ideas and content in order to make their own content. Believe me that you will not get anything by following this strategy. Only genuine and unique content can make your blog grow in the long run and drive massive amount of traffic free of cost.

Content Length – There is a lot of discussion going on over the internet regarding the importance of lengthy articles on your blog to achieve targeted traffic from search engines. There is no doubt regarding this fact. You people will notice that normally top 10 search results for a specific keyword contain at least 1500 words. The longer the article’s length, the better ranking you could achieve. But, the criterion is not always the quantity as quality matters most.  The great bloggers write freely without paying attention to the length of the article. For them, an article below 500 words is awesome if they could explain the topic within this range. However, great bloggers normally take around 1500 to 2000 words to completely cover the topic in an engaging and comprehensive manner.

Punctuality – The key to success in every field is the punctuality. By punctuality we mean that you keep posting your content on regular intervals. This ensures that your readers well aware about when you are going to post another great informative and knowledgeable stuff. If you are very reckless in posting your content and do not care the timings, then visitors will forget your blog and will never return to it. We have seen many great writers getting failed due to this issue. Good writers, who make only one or two posts in a month and expect the traffic to explode, are wasting their time and efforts. At least, a good blogger should make posts twice in a week. Again, this largely depends upon the nature of your blog and your competitor’s pattern of posting. If your competitors are making plenty of posts on a daily basis, you have to write exactly the same quantity of the posts to counter their action. If you are not going to do this, you will lose the race at the very beginning.

Proof Reading – Double check your work before going to show someone else. This is like class work where you need to double check your work before submitting to teacher, the copy for checking. Similarly, a great blogger checks its writing, spelling and typos before going to publish so that other people and visitors to the blog may not question the skills and abilities of the blogger. Once you have finished writing the article, you must read the entire article with a fresh mind. Do not start checking from the moment, you complete it. Take a break, drink tea and water and then start doing the checking. Believe me you will find plenty of mistakes that were not obvious at the time of writing. Doing so will make your post stand out from the competitor’s content and may rank you well in the search engines.

Summarizing the discussions – An article should be clear, focused and supported by examples. A great blogger is one who uses bullet points, images and info graphics to summarize the findings of the article. This helps greatly in keeping the readers on the topic and avoids their mind deviating from the theme of the content. The summary that these great bloggers use hardly crosses three to four lines. We have seen many bloggers using a lengthy paragraph of around 500 words to summarize the article. Actually, such a lengthy article loses its effectiveness, beauty and most importantly, the power ending objective of the article.


In this article, we tried to explain an important topic what is the meaning of blogger? Though, every person who starts to write is considered a blogger. But, in order to become a great blogger, you have to have the characteristics or traits mentioned above. You might have one or many characteristics already, so follow all the traits discussed above to join the line of great blogger.