Best Platform To Sell Digital Products

Best Platform To Sell Digital Products

The world is changing every second and the technology as well. The change in technology has affected many businesses all over the globe. Not just that, the method and tactics of selling products have also changed. Due to the revolution in the internet world, products have also converted into digital formats. The conversion of products into digital forms has reduced the product’s prices tremendously. The books which were available for sale at $ 100, are now available for sale just $ 10 or below than that. This is because the writers are saving publishing costs, paper costs, marketing cost and the commission of the publisher as well. Now, writers simply write the books in MS Word and convert it into adobe acrobat Pdf files. Once the book is ready in Pdf format, it is made available for sale to the internet users.

Best Platform to Sell Digital Products

Digital Books

Before going to pour light on the Best Platform to Sell Digital Products, this is necessary to describe the digital products. Digital products are the goods that are created, stored, delivered and sold in the electronic format. Most common digital products are:

Music tracks – It is the best digital product for singers to earn from selling their music tracks. The fans of the singer normally select their favorite track or the entire track and buy the product by paying the required charges.

Training courses – This type of digital product is very common nowadays as the quantity of students all over the world is massive. You can teach the student located at one end of the world to the other parts of the world. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and software such as team viewer and Skype to conduct the training courses. These types of digital training courses have given birth to the concept of distance learning. The biggest educational institutes and universities are now using this distance learning method for imparting knowledge. Students do not need to travel to cities and countries in order to equip them with modern-day education. They can get all the educational and training courses just sitting at home. By paying a very nominal fee, they enjoy the actual atmosphere of the classroom. They can ask questions as well.

EBooks – The digital products have transferred the shapes and future of books in our daily life. Now, as a writer, you do not need to run after the publisher and follow him for your amount of royalty on the book. Similarly, you do not need to ask your publisher about the number of copies sold in order to claim your revenue share. Thanks to the arrival of eBooks that eliminate the need for publishers. Now, the writer or owner of the book can sell directly to the readers.

Software – It is one of the most popular digital products nowadays. Software developers design their own piece of software and put this in the marketplace for sale. People who are interested in the product buy the same via PayPal or credit card.

Mobile Applications – due to the revolution in the mobile phone industry, the related industry of applications has also paved up. As you know, there are billions of mobile applications which are your digital products.

WordPress or Blogger’s Theme or Templates – In the world of blogging, two blogging platforms WordPress and BlogSpot are the center of the hub. Every second blogger is found using wither of these blogging platforms. By developing themes, templates, and plugins for these two, you can earn a handsome amount of money. There are designers and developers in the world who are earning millions of dollars from these types of digital products. You can sell your themes or templates in the marketplace such as Theme Forest at a moderate price.

Webinars – It is a digital product that is used to give presentations, workshop or lectures over the World Wide Web using internet connection. The software that permits the transmission of webinars is called video conferencing software. Most of the internet marketers and businessmen use this medium to communicate with their stakeholders. It is the cheapest method to interact with your customers and reap the benefits.

Internet-Based Magazine – These are the digital products that sell membership on their website for a fee. Upon payment of the fees, the user is allowed to view premium content that is not available at any other place or website. There is great potential in this type of digital product as you can earn a massive amount of income by selling access to premium content for a monthly fee or yearly fee.

Best Platform To Sell Digital Products

The places where you can sell digital products are called platforms to sell digital products. The list of the platform to sell digital products is very long and is very difficult to describe each and everyone here. So, we have handpicked some best of the best here for your guidance:

Gumroad – California based company Gumroad is one the best platform for selling digital products. It is an all in one solution for digital goods producers and is regarded as a top-notch player in the industry. Thanks to the simplicity, easiness and extensible security features that attracted millions of producers all over the world. You can anything you want here such as eBook, albums, online courses and games. You will be required to upload these digital products on the Gumroad server and write the price. The rest of the world is handled by the Gumroad in an effective, secure and professional manner. The best part is that you can generate code at Gumroad that you can insert into your blog or website for promotion as well. The fee is just $ 10 per month and the fee per sales transaction is 3.5% + 30¢ per charge.

Sellfy – This platform is the home of around 60,000+ creative artists who reap massive amounts of income every month. The process of starting your online store with Sellfy is very quick and hassle-free. Like Gumroad, it also allows you to sell the products through your website as well. There is no requirement to have your own website or blog as you can link back to your Facebook page or YouTube video as well. You can take advantage of social media sites to augment your sale’s potential. Sellfy is most popular for digital products such as videos, music, eBooks and designer items.  You can try this platform free for 14 days, and then you can join any packages such as Basic, Pro and Pro Plus. The basic package is quite similar to the Gumroad monthly package but the transaction fee is 5%.

Pulley – Like Sellfy, this platform allows 14 days trial period and after that, you have the choice to carry on or not. Pulley offers four packages depending upon the number of products you are selling. There are packages for 25, 50,150 & 500 products and the fees are $ 6, $ 12, $ 24 & $ 49 per month respectively. The best thing about this platform is that it is very easy, simple and allows you to integrate a Buy Now button at your website, blog, social media sites and emails. Pulley got the user’s attention mainly because of its support to the Big Cartel store. The statistics of your sales are generated in real-time and the money that you earn from the sale goes directly to the PayPal account you mentioned during the account signup process.

SendOwl – It is the only platform that cares about ease of use and conversion rate. It was founded in 2010 and since then, it has gained a lot of fame from all over the world. Initially, it was made as a basic place to sell digital products. But, the passage of time has changed the way, SendOwl started to handle the sale of digital products. It has state of the art cloud-based system that saves the users to host the products on their own servers. You can offer a discount on your certain products to see the effect on your sales to make any further decisions. The support for multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit Card, and BitCoin makes this a favorite platform to sell digital products. They claim to have 20 seconds duration for both the supplier and the customer that means that you can sell the product in just 20 seconds. The customer can buy the product in just 20 seconds as well.  Most of the customers are repetitive and referring clients that depict the trust of the users over this platform. There are four packages Basic, Standard, Premium, and Business that will cost you $9, $ 15, $ 24 and $ 39. The best thing with SendOwl is that they do not charge any fee for the transaction. So, from this aspect, this is better than others in the industry.

Selz – It is the best digital product selling platform that allows the development of customizing store in an easy and simple way. The elegant looking store is what you need to make the sale. Like others, you can integrate buy buttons in your site, blog and social media profiles to increase the sales potential. The process of placing the order and accepting the payment is awesome. This tactic is considered as the number one tactic for better customer management. Customers are the backbone of your business and as a result, every effort should be done to keep them satisfied. Selz takes care of this factor and keeps you free from tension. You just need to focus on your products and their marketing. You can try this platform for a 14 days period without providing any credit card information. With so many features and no credit card requirement, it is an excellent opportunity to start the game with Selz. Lite, Standard, and Pro are the three packages that cost $ 17, $ 23 & $ 35 per month respectively.

2CO– Recently acquired by Avangate, this platform provides supports for almost all the popular shopping cart systems available over the internet. It got fame due to its simple and easy integration on your website, blog or social media profiles. To date, it has a detailed tutorial for almost 140 shopping cart scripts, so we are sure you will be using one of them for your e-commerce business. This helps greatly because you do not need to do a single line of coding to fully utilize the power of 2CO. As far as the fees are concerned, they vary according to the country chosen and if your sales are more than $ 50K in a month, then you can avail of further discounts through contacting the sales department at 2CO. If your digital product is of recurring billing nature such as membership of a magazine or teaching material website, then you can take support from recurring bill features found inside the 2 checkout administration panel.

FastSpring – It is the best blogging platform for software related digital products. Branded order pages, usage tracking, fraud screening, multiple subscription structures are some of the best features that make this platform a cool choice for the developers. Buyers can pay you via multiple payment methods with a multi-currency choice. The fee is very reasonable 5.95 percent per transaction + 95¢ per transaction. However, a fully-featured business plan starts at $ 199 per month. For a professional and big size business, this fee is not too much.


Due to the arrival of digital products in the internet world, the need to find the best platform to sell digital products has increased tremendously. This requires careful analysis of the available supplier from the list shared below. You need to do a cost-benefit analysis and do a feasibility analysis for your business. Every business differs slightly from the rest of the others, so your requirements might be different from others. That is why do detailed homework before going live with any particular platform. Your business is your life and you may not do mistakes to mess the success.