What Is Blogger

Blogger also is known as Blogspot is a blog publishing platform managed by Google since 2003. It was previously developed by Pyra Labs back in 1999 and then later bought by Google in 2003. It is one of the most promising CMS platforms available on the internet. There are numerous amounts of blogs created every day on blogger and this is the second most popular blogging platform after WordPress. Unlike WordPress, Blogger is a free platform where you can make a beautiful looking blog and you don’t have to spend a single penny unless you buy a domain name. Since the platform is managed by Google, that makes it very special. Because you are getting security and reliability from the internet’s most famous company. Blogger blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of blogspot.com. If you want to buy domain rather than having a subdomain, then you can do that too, but there’s no limitation if you are using a subdomain, and you will get every single feature on subdomain too. But its always better to serve from a custom domain owned by the user (like www.example.com) by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google’s servers. It will help you in long terms also it looks professional.

Creating a blog on Blogspot is a very easy and 10 minutes job. It is one of the most easiest CMS platforms out there. Anyone including beginner and professional can create a blog on blogger. In simple steps and with no coding knowledge you are going to have a simple yet attracting blog. Blogger has some essential features, it lets you create posts, pages, widgets and other multiple functions in simple steps, it also has drag and drops layout builder, which lets you create and customize your blog. Blogspot is one of the most robust and easy to maintain the platform. You can simply make daily blogs, personal blogs or at the same time, you can run a professional-looking blog and earn money. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a business blog, portfolio or personal resume, At this time you can get every kind of blogger template for your blog. Since blogger is associated with Google, you get some exclusive features built-in with Blogspot. Features like a simple dashboard, drag and drop layout, easy to edit settings, etc. It allows you to make a blog on anything, it only requires you to have a google account, and if you don’t have any you can create it in minutes. Blogger also supports some of the other Google products built-in, Like adding videos and photos and using google drive products also at the same time you can directly apply for AdSense from the blogger dashboard and you can get a separate option to show ads on your blog. Blogger also supported google plus but now google has shut down the service and it is no longer supported, so now Google has switched back to older google blogger profiles.

Blogger lets you create 100 blogs from a single account, which means you can host 100 different blogs from the same account and publish an article, without switching to any other account or dashboard. It also includes many features from the dashboard directly, like you get options to create a post, pages, sees your traffic stats, manages comments, Adsense settings, layout to adjust and customize gadgets, theme editor to choose/upload theme and edit codes, and settings to manage various things in your blog. Every option has its own individual option and we will get to know about each and every option later in this post. The things which make blogger special is the robustness and easy to understand dashboard. If you are a newbie then you should definitely go with blogger, And if you are a professional then you can also use this platform to create some phenomenal and useful blogs for your various ventures.

Why Blogger Is Beneficial In Comparison Of Other Blogging Platform

Basically the biggest benefit of the blogger is that it is owned by Google and we know in the present time google is the most secure and well-known organization on the internet. At the same time, it makes the blogger compatible with other Google products. So you can use the services very easily. Also, the blogger is totally free, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny to run a blog. You can get plenty of design option, templates, and themes for your blog, here at Gooyaabitemplates we have a huge collection of blogger template for free. Blogspot platform includes basic post editor which looks similar to Wordpad and anyone can start publishing posts in minutes, Being a free platform, you don’t have to worry about hosting and security because everything is handled by google servers. As your blog is hosted on Google servers, it loads super fast and you don’t have to tweak it for faster loading. There are no limits of posts and it doesn’t matter your blog has 1 post or 1 million, the experience will be similar for both the user and the owner. Blogger also has a support forum and community which helps users from time to time if they are facing any type of problem with the platform.

Blogger is beneficial in other ways too, like many popular and well know blogs are still operating on blogger, because of its trustworthy structure and reputation. as we have mentioned above that maintaining a blogger blog is respectively easy instead of other CMS platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. Certainly, the blogger is very limited but at the same time, it provides so much flexibility. Flexibility in the sense of everything, and when we have said “everything”, indeed it means everything.

Customization is the easiest yet controversial thing in blogger. Blogger lets you customize your existing looking blog into anything with simple CSS and HTML and if you know javascript and jQuery the that will be a cherry on a cake kind of situation. But it only lets you customize in basic manner like you can’t dive more into content management part since everything is hosted on blogger by google and google doesn’t allow anyone to access their data for privacy and security concerns. The simplicity of Blogger does not limit what more established users will accomplish with it, however. Digging deeper into the customization options lets you make a totally unique blog design whereas maintaining the convenience of use that the Blogger backend (the board wherever you design the blog and make posts) provides.

We all know blogger is a product of Google and Google has some other products which directly supports blogger, just like google photos. Since Blogger is integrated with Google Photos, you can actually handle all your images through your Google Photos account. The Insert Image dialog lets you pull an image to the blog directly from one of your Google Photos folders. Conversely, if you upload an image from your computer to your blog, it will be automatically placed in a Google Photos folder. Google Photos also has its own built-in image editing function, which will let you crop, resize and do other edits to an image before you post it to Blogger. Note that if you edit an image with Google Photos after it’s been posted to your blog, the old version of the image on the blog will not show the edits. The image should have to be manually removed in the old version and insert the edited version.

The most beneficial thing about blogger is, inbuilt integration of Adsense and analytics, Since Google Blogger is equipped with different Google tools, like AdSense and Analytics. Users can easily generate a good amount of money through their own Google Blogspot blogs by using a Hosted Google AdSense account. Users can easily sign up for an AdSense account through their dashboard, and then link the advertisements to that blog. Not all blogs might get approval for advertisements, so users should double-check the eligibility checklist of google terms and policy. Users can also view detailed information about their blog’s audience by using Google’s data analytics platform, Google Analytics. Though blogger has its own statistic dashboard sometimes it shows incorrect reports, so we recommend you to use Google analytics. These services make blogger special and different from other CMS platforms. Maybe it lacks features in some cases but still has the best value for what its worth. As people say Blogger is easy to set up and use, so it’s great for first-time bloggers. But It doesn’t mean that it lacks some basic and useful features that a professional will need.

As above we have seen the history and importance of blogger also the benefits of the platform. Blogger also contains some great features that we haven’t mentioned in detail. Like previously blogger has some additional widgets by the official team and also the third party but later blogger removed all the third party widgets and made 27 default widgets that are accessible from the layout. You can add features and function through those widgets. It also includes Adsense widget by default if you have a hosted account and if you have non hosted account then you can add ad codes in HTML/javascript widget.

How To Start A Blog On Blogspot?

Starting a Blog on Blogspot platform is very easy, you don’t have to do a load of work, you just need a google account and you are good to go. If you don’t have a google account then you can create it any time, it takes only 2 minutes. After successfully creating a google account, you can sign in to your blogger account directly visiting blogger.com and clicking the sign-in button. If you are creating your first blog then it will show a button “Create a Blog” otherwise you can create a blog from the menu available on the left side and clicking the dropdown arrow, after clicking that, a “New Blog” option will appear along with your existing blogs. You can click that to create your new blog. then you have to enter your blog title, blog address and you have to choose a theme for your blog. There are various themes available also in 2017 blogger introduced some new theme with new generation codes and structures. These themes are more flexible and robust. After selecting the theme you can directly see your blog by visiting your blog’s address. You will get a specific dashboard for your every blog you can customize post, pages, check stats, apply for Adsense, moderate comments, edit the theme and customize it. In addition, you also get various setting options which we have already discussed above and will going to discuss briefly in this article. Now that we have discussed the method to create a blog on blogger, let’s go ahead and see the step by step tutorial on creating a blog on blogger.

Create a Blog

  1. Sign in to Blogger.Sign in to Blogger2. Click Create New Blog or On the left, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.Click Create New Blog or On the left, click the Down arrow Down Arrow3. Click New Blog.
    4. Enter a Name for Your Blog.
    5. Choose a Blog Address, or URL.
    6. Choose a Template.Choose a template7. Click Create Blog.