How to Write Keywords Rich Articles

How to Write Keywords Rich Articles

In order to drive traffic to your blog, it is necessary to gain organic traffic from the search engines. Search engines have always been the source of free traffic as you do not need to pay anything in order to drive traffic. But one should keep in mind that traffic from search engine is not free because behind the scene, a lot of efforts have been done to rank the blog post high in the search results of the search engine. To rank high in the search engines for keywords that could bring sufficient amount of traffic from search engines, you need to follow certain strategies. The strategies to achieve high ranking in search engines are called search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. These techniques can be on-site and off-site. Here our main focus is over on-site optimization. So in this post, we will focus as how to write keywords rich articles which is the most fundamental element of on-site SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

How to Write Keywords Rich Articles

How to Write Keywords Rich Articles in 2018

A keyword rich article is one of the factors which determine the overall score of your blog post for better position in the search results. In order to write keyword rich articles, you need to follow the following points:

Appropriate Keywords

One of the main tasks of how to write keyword rich articles is to search for relevant keywords regarding your content. By knowing the relevant keywords, you can put them at appropriate places throughout your article body. This will let the search engine know well about your article theme and for what keywords; it can rank your post in the search results. To find out the relevant keywords manually is quite time consuming. If you do it manually, you will waste a lot of time which you can use on any other work. So, my advice is to use some sort of tools which make your task easy. You can do the keyword research work by using many of the tools available on the internet such as:

Google Adwords

It is the pioneer of the industry and is regarded as the most trustworthy tool for webmasters. As every blogger try to rank high in Google, the use of Google own product Adwords appear most appealing to anyone in the industry. Apart from this as most of the internet users use Google search engine to visit relevant pages, their search query gets recorded in Google database which advertisers use in Adwords to advertise their products or services. So, you can use that data to find out the relevant keywords for your article. It is an invaluable tool to answer your query for how to write keywords rick articles.

SEO Book Keyword Tool

It is another best keyword research tool that you can use to find out relevant keywords for your blog post. Initially, there was no requirement to register with the site in order to take advantage of keyword research. However, now due to spamming, you have to register with the site in order to perform this searching work. It displays data for USA and UK Countries according to the monthly and daily searches. Apart from this, it also shows up CPC (Cost per click) of every keyword. Daily and monthly search volume data is very helpful because by this you can decide whether it is profitable to write over the topic or not. Because low search volume means you will get very few amount of traffic for the keyword under consideration. A keyword with around at least 1,000 monthly searches can be chosen for your article and can easily be ranked in the search results.

The fantastic tool which uses many platforms for keyword research such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Fiverr, Bing, Yandex, Amazon, EBay, Fotolia and Pond5. As it is a multi-dimensional tool, you will find keywords which other tools hardly uncover. So, it has great potential and if used wisely, can lead to generation of massive amount of traffic.

Keyword Density

By keyword density, we mean the amount of keywords in proportion to the total number of words in an article. For example, if your article is 1,000 words long and you are using any particular keyword 30 times in the article, then keyword density would be 3 %. A keyword density of 3 % to 6 % is regarded as good for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. If you plan keyword density wisely, you can learn how to write keyword rich articles quite easily. However, a lot of keyword stuffing inside the article body will give you an immense level of disadvantage. It is also considered as spamming and search engines will sooner or later downgrade your blog posts in the search results.

Keyword Placement

How to write keyword rich articles largely depends over the placement of keywords at the right places throughout your article body. I have seen bloggers using keywords at places where they make no sense. So, it becomes non human readable and as a result, may be penalized from search engines. According to experience and suggestion of various successful internet marketers, the best place to use keywords in the article is one time in first paragraph, one time in the middle section and one time in the last paragraph. You may increase these according to the length of your article.

Reader’s perspective

Another important thing which you need to focus on at the time of writing is to ensure that you consider yourself as reader of your blog post. You thinking process should start from the step that you enter the search query into the search engine in order to find the relevant resource. Once you absorb this mentality, you start writing articles that fulfill the visitor’s requirement and during this process, you should include relevant keywords at proper placements and in the right amounts.


How to write keyword rich articles is not a difficult task. You need to follow the guidelines given above to write a masterpiece which search engines loves to rank higher in the search results. By the passage of time, you will notice that search engines will improve your SERP (search engine ranking position) gradually and you will get your ultimate goal of success.