Wix Vs Site123 in 2018 Reviewed and Compared

Wix Vs Site123

Due to the advancement in the internet technologies, everything has changed. This reflected in the development of websites and blogs. Gone are the days when you do not need a website for your business to do the business. After the concept of global village, the every market is your market whether it is located in USA, India, Africa or Australia. You can sell products and services from one part of the world to the other part of the world just sitting from your office or workplace. It means that physical location has lost its importance in this new era of technology and internet world.

Initially, when websites and blogs were launched, the demand of web designers and developers was immense and the cost of hiring these professionals was quite high. So, people often ask do they need the services of a web designer and developer. Due to rapid change in this industry, things have changed so much as well. You need to focus on your core competencies. It all depends upon the nature of the business, the amount of funds you have and what people think about you. Apart from this, the number of pages you need on your website is also a determining factor for taking a decision.

Wix Vs Site123

In order to capture the website designing and development industry, things have changed drastically due to the arrival of several companies into the market in order to sell their products such as web hosting and domains. They introduced different features in order to capture the market share. One of these top companies which are ruling the hearts of worldwide customers are Wix and Site123. Both companies are regarded as the pioneer in the industry and can be an important factor in achieving your desired goal. They can help you in bringing your business online within few minutes. That is why; these are regarded as the next generation choice for website owners and bloggers. But, the customer wants to judge which one is best for you. Wix or Site 123, that is why, we have decided to write on Wix Vs Site123.

Wix Vs Site123 in 2018 Reviewed and Compared

Pricing Factor

Pricing decision is the most important factor for any webmaster and blogger. Actually, it is the number one factor while making any sort of purchasing decision. As Wix and Site123 are the top companies in the industry, no one can blame them over their performance and quality of service, so one important factor which plays a key role in decision making is the pricing factor. Wix and Site123 both offers free of charge service to their customers. All you have to do is to sign up with them and start creating your website with their easy to use website builder tool and publish the web easily. However, in order to give the professional look to your website, you need to get rid of the Wix and Site123 advertisement over your website and you can do so by buying their premium packages. Here, the Site123 offers just one premium package which will cost you $ 9.80 monthly. In this amount, you will get 10GB storage and 5GB bandwidth. You have the right to connect your domain here as well. So, you have to buy domain from 3rd parties such as Godaddy and Namecheap and then change the name servers to that of Site123. However, when it comes to Wix, there are five premium packages starting from $ 4.50 per month to $ 24.50 which offers different web storage and bandwidth. In order to compare Wix with Site123, we take Wix’s Combo package which is available for $ 8.50 per month and offers 2 GB bandwidth and 3GB storage. As you can see that, Site123 offers lots of space and bandwidth as compared to Wix. Though, Wix provides free domain with this Combo package, but if we project our calculation over yearly basis, Site123 is still the best option.

Winner: Site123


The famous saying first impression is the last impression is true even in the field of web design. Whenever a visitor comes over your website, he or she gets impressed by the look of your website. If it is ugly, then it will give a look of non-professionalism and visitor will close your website. So, in order to retain visitors and make them a repeated customer, you have to choose the right template or design. Fortunately, both Wix and Site 123 offer beautiful templates in order to make your web presence attractive, effective and awesome. However, in order to conduct an insight analysis of Wix Vs Site123, Wix offers around 400 templates which cover almost every niche or industry. You have the complete freedom to choose your template from array of choices with different colors, styles and font’s selection. In order to search a proper template according to your industry, just enter the keywords in the search box. However, Site123 offers just around dozen of templates which are not as much stylish as that of Wix. You have the option to choose category from niches such as photography, blog, music, handyman services, event, restaurant & food, business, technology, CV and other. So, here the winner is Wix.

Winner: Wix

Level of Simplicity

Everything which is easy to use and easy to apply gets customer’s attention. Everyone loves simple to use navigation, interface and publishing platform. If you are newbie webmaster, then this factor has great importance for you to design a website. Similar is the case with Site123 as it is packed with simplicity and easy to user navigation panel on the left side of the page. In order to improve the user-friendly functions, each option has been labeled properly so that no confusion could arise while creating website. You can easily move between homepage, pages, setting and design buttons to work out the right design and content of your website within few minutes. You do not need to learn any single code to perform the task.

On the other hand, Wix is relatively difficult in the usage metric as there is a lack of labeled features in the left navigation panel. However, the drag and drop features make Wix a very easy to use platform. A new user has to give some times to understand the features of creating a page, adding image or any other web content. So, from this angle, Site123 wins the race.

Winner: Site123

Built-in guided templates

Wix and Site123 offer best layouts for website design. The process of developing a site even for a day old webmaster is not a big task. With little bit of tweaking, newbie webmaster can come out with a high quality professional website. You have plenty of options available such as you create contact form and process the data accordingly without knowing the need to learn some form of client side as well as server side coding scripts. You just be doing the task of dragging and dropping various elements and you are done. When it comes to Wix, you have around 400 templates to choose from. At one side, it is a good factor but when we think it from different perspective, a newbie webmaster is not aware of the theme selection according to the niche of the website. So, he or she can choose a theme which might be awkward. On the other hand, Site123 at the very start of the guided process helps webmasters in choosing the right theme/ layout according to the niche of the website.

Winner: Site123

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to gain massive amount of traffic from your website or blog, it is necessary to optimize your pages according to the metrics which could rank you much better in the search results. You will not get success without getting massive amount of traffic from search engines. So, the key to success is the traffic which you can drive from search engines free of cost. Organic traffic is the most effective way to build an online business which lasts longer and even for a life time. So, every effort should be made to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) score of your website or blog.

Fortunately, when it comes to SEO in Wix and Site123, both do not let their users alone. Site123 is quite good in building the foundation of SEO itself without much interference from the users. It does all the hardest SEO itself such as it automatically creates SEO friendly links. Friendly links for SEO is one of the most important factors which can turn your website into a massive traffic deriving website. Apart from this, it also generates mobile responsive website which is another important metrics for gaining a high SEO score. Now-a-days, the mobile users have increased tremendously and this is the reason, the traffic from mobile devices has raised a lot. If your website also has mobile version, it means you are making your case much stronger in the eyes of search engines. On the other hand, Wix also offers a nice SEO (search engines optimization) tool which enables you to analyze your website from multiple facets according to the search engine’s algorithms. It also tells you the things you need to overcome and improve to rank better in the search results.

Winner: Wix & Site123

Sitemap Generator and Mobile App

In order to properly comply with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, you need to create XML sitemap of your website so that you could submit it into the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tool). This provides search engines the ability to crawl and index all your pages. Such submission is helpful in knowing the crawl errors which are necessary to be removed in order to improve SEO score. Both Wix and Site123 offer the power to create xml sitemap without any problem. So, in this perspective, both platforms are equal.

On the other hand, Wix offers a mobile application which is very good if you have to update your website quite often and remains most of the time outside the office or workplace. In this case, you can update your website on the fly using Wix mobile application. However, Site123 lacks this feature and it should consider adding this into its future update to counter the competitive edge of Wix. Not just that, Wix also supports hundred of third party’s mobile application which Site123 does not offer. So, in the era of latest application for android and Apple smart phones, it is good to go with Wix. The all time winner.

Winner: Wix

Customer Support

In order to improve customer satisfaction and build the brand reputation, it is necessary to meet the needs of users in a timely manner and in multiple ways. When it comes to Site123, they offer customer service via email and online chat service available at their website. However, the Wix has taken steps much better than the Site123 as they have multiple options available to treat and resolve customer’s problems and queries. Wix offers customer service via email, online chat and phone which is awesome. Being a web master, you might know that there are circumstances where you need an urgent solution for your problem and this can only be done via telephonic conversation. As Site123 lacks the feature of phone support, this is not good for customers who need urgent resolution of their problem. So, here the winner is Wix which offers 24/7 world class customer service which Site123 may not match simply.


It is not an easy task to suggest the winner of today analysis Wix Vs Site123. Both Wix and Site123 are the best platform to build websites using online website building tools. In some areas, Site123 is much better option than Wix. However, in some cases, Wix is the right choice for webmaster. According to our analysis, it is clear that Wix offers much better features than Site123 and it is our today’s winner of the race. We would like to listen to your views as well and if you are against our decision, please pass on your comments using the comment section given below. But make sure you represent your case with proof and support.