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  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    Having trouble with several things

    1. Within the individual post pages the images are not automatically sized and are therefore wayyyyy too big! Is there a way to edit the HTML so that all images resize automatically? My previous template did this.

    2. Not clear how to edit the header and pages at the top of the page

    3. Nothing is lining up logically on the home page. Post headings are half-way down the page from their corresponding images.

    Overall pretty disappointed with the difficulties involved in using this template. Perhaps some sort of customisation instructions should be provided alongside the download

  2. jbis
    jbis says:

    Ok, have managed to fix most of my problems with the help of google.

    One main problem remains and that is that when the browser is resized the page elements move around. This is very unattractive, and means that the elements only look good and in their correct places when the browser is as wide as my screen will allow.

    How can I stop the elements from moving around when the browser is resized? Is this to do with floating elements? or the responsiveness of the template?

    Please help!

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