How to Monetize a Blog

How to Monetize a Blog

If you are reading this, then I am sure that you have already built up your blog. So, the question arises have you getting sufficient amount of traffic to your blog. If you are, then this is the right time to start making some money from your blog. That is why; we have decided to write on an important topic how to monetize a blog.

How to Monetize a Blog

If you are taking blogging as a part time hobby, then we would like to bring this news into your kind notice that there are so many blogger who are making handsome amount of money from their blogs and they are working as full time. So, they are their own boss and they work according to their own time table and do not need to listen to anyone else. These things do not happen quickly, you have to invest time, efforts and struggle to eat the fruit.

How to Monetize a Blog in 2018

There are various ways you can earn handsome amount of income from your blog such as:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

As the name suggest, you get paid when someone clicks the ads. There are various types of companies out there who offer pay per click advertising such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing and Bidvertiser. But the first two one are the best in the industry. However, if your traffic is worldwide, then Adsense is the only choice you have because this network has advertisers from all over the world. In order to earn handsome amount from pay per click advertising programs, you must have huge amount of traffic, otherwise you will earn few cents on a daily basis. The income from PPC largely depends upon the CTR (click through rate) and CPC (cost per click). Both or any of these must be higher in order to earn good money from PPC advertising. Now question arises how to monetize your blog with these PPC advertising smartly. The answer is very simple, just put the advertising code at places where visitors pay attention most. Likely, this is the place where your article goes. In our experience, the place just below the title of the post and middle of the article body works very well and a size of 336 x 280 generates maximum impact to the readers of your blog.

List Building

By list building, we mean to build the list of email addresses of your blog’s visitors. You might be thinking how it can help us in monetize a blog and why we have given this topic a place in the article how to monetize a blog. You have to look ahead. As you know that from time to time, you might be launching a new product or some sort of online course. You need to sell them to make it a successful profitable product. The sale can only be made if it is made to the right people. If you have the email list of visitors to your blog, you can send them an email marketing your product or course relevant to your blog and how they can take advantage from the product or online course. Not just that, you can even monetize your email campaign with affiliate links with products or services that closely relate to your blog niche. Believe me it works like a magic and make you rich in short span of time.

CPM Advertising

CPM Advertising is a method in which you get paid for every 1,000 banner impressions. If you are not satisfied with your CTR, then it is the right time to try out some CPM networks to learn how to monetize a blog. The most popular CPM networks are:

UberCPM – It is one of the most popular and highest paying CPM network with quality advertisers. The best thing is that you just need to insert one simple ad code and use the same code on all your websites or blogs. For providing you clean & safe advertising, they only take 20 % commission. It means that you will get 80 % of the advertising revenue generated from your website. Apart from this, you have many options for payment methods such as PayPal, Wire transfer and Payoneer and the payment threshold is just $ 25.

Adbuff – It is one the premium CPM & CPC advertising network which has very strict rule. They claim to be the Adsense alternative & only accept publisher who has minimum 2,000 unique visitors and majority of traffic comes from countries such as UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The minimum payout is like Adsense which is $ 100 which you can receive via Payoneer. However, if you want to withdraw funds via Wire transfer (SWIFT), you payment threshold must be $ 500. Payments terns are net 45 days, so it is quite high as compared to Adsense advertising network.

Affiliate Marketing

If your website or blog contains content for which there are many products available on the affiliate marketing websites, then you are in the right boat. Just include your affiliate link on the blog or website you own and whenever any visitor purchases the product at any affiliate website via your affiliate link, you will get commission per sale. The commission amount ranges from 10 % to 20 %, but I have seen some products also offer 70 % commission. So, if you have not tried this method yet, it is the right time to go and try this. It might be the real life changing option for your career that you have not tapped out yet. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs are Amazon associates, ClickBank and LinkShare.


Yes you can earn from you blog by advertising your consulting services via Skype or any other medium of communication. For example, if you are running blog over accounting, finance and taxation, then you may offer consultation services via Skype by charging fees on per hour basis. This will help you in building a long list of permanent clients and your income may become stable. From time to time, you will get new clients as well and referring customers as well due to your reputation in the industry.


There might be other ways you can use to monetize your blog; it is your turn to uncover the hidden potential of your blog. We are hopeful that you have liked our article how to monetize a blog.