How to Create Profitable Adsense Website in 2018

How to Create Profitable Adsense Website

To earn money online is the dream of every blogger. For newbie bloggers, it is not an easy task because they do not know the right ingredients and the steps to follow in order to start their successful blogging journey. The attraction of generating handsome amount of money from Google Adsense publisher program has forced many people to start a website without knowing whether they can do it. As a result, they end up with no hope. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to create profitable Adsense website.

How to Create Profitable Adsense Website

How to Create Profitable Adsense Website in 2018

Ingredients Needed for Profitable Adsense Website

In order to start the journey, you need to know the elements which make up the base of the success. These are:

Domain name

The first step is the search of a proper domain name. You should choose the domain name that matches your website content, but it does not mean that you start searching for the EMD (Exact match domain). In past, many people used the trick of EMD to rank high in Google search engine and they used it as a black hat technique. As a result, Google has penalized those websites and blogs. So, that is why SEO (Search engine optimization) experts suggest that you do not take exact match domain, instead use some sort of other words to avoid the Google penalty. For example, if your blog is about how to potty train a dog; you should not go for exact domain name. Instead, you can mix it with other words like the, tutorial, guide etc.

Domain name can be purchased from various ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) such as Godaddy, Namecheap, NameSilo, Web4Africa etc. The price of the domain varies according to the type of TLD (top level domain) such as .com, .net. org, .info, .biz, .xyz etc. The .com, .net and .org domains usually cost you higher than the rest of the domain extensions. Normally, a .com, .net and .org domain extension will cost you around $ 12. You can register the domain name via PayPal or Credit card to accomplish the first step of how to create profitable Adsense website.

Web Hosting

After buying your desired domain name from one of the approved ICANN, you need to buy web hosting. If your budget is tight, you can go for cheap shared web hosting where you just need to pay few dollars a year to host your website. However, if your website project is big and cost benefits analysis permits you to invest heavy amount, you can buy dedicated hosting. There are various companies which offers shared as well as dedicated hosting. Some of the good companies are Godaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost etc. You can buy hosting from these companies from 1$ per month to several $ per month depending upon the requirement of your website.

Installation of Blog

After getting domain and hosting, you need to install one of the various blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress for your domain. If you are using Cpanel hosting, just do login into the Cpanel and search for Install WordPress. After installation, make sure that you save the user name and password of the WordPress admin page. This enables to login into the WordPress and create new posts, new page, edit & upload theme, install plugin and do the SEO work.

The login page of the admin would be From the login dashboard, you can also create further users with different rights so that they can publish their own articles over your blog. But make sure, you need to approve the article before the submitted article gets published over your blog.

Installation of Theme

As we have said above that you can install a theme as well from WordPress administration page. You can find thousands of paid and free themes over numerous websites. But, in my views premium theme always work greatly for the success of the blog. If you have the skills to develop your own theme, then this would be the best option. However, building a fantastic customized theme takes substantial period of time and efforts and also deviate your focus from creating quality content. So, it is better to buy already developed theme either from Theme Forest or from MyThemeShop. The theme prices would range you from $ 19 to $ 59. The marketplace of these websites is huge, so you will definitely be able to find a right theme for your blog. After installing a chosen theme, it is the time to make some changes to it so that it would match exactly according to your requirement. You can do so from the theme option > theme editor inside the WordPress administration panel.


As we have said above that you can create new posts inside the WordPress, but the main ingredient of how to crate profitable Adsense website is the quality written unique article. If you can write high quality content, it is the best thing but if you are not good at writing, you can take support from other people or freelancers. Make sure that the English grammar and spelling are accurate otherwise it will affect the reputation of your blog. If you are outsourcing the article writing work to someone else, make sure that you check its plagiarism via CopyScape. Because, if the outsource supplier provides content which is a duplicate one and you publish it without check for plagiarism, then you will get penalized and all your investment so far would sink.

It is equally important that you proof read your content before publishing as it has a great impact over the readers. If sentences are not in flow, this will depict your lack of interest and command over the topic and visitor of your website will leave your website without any stay.

Adsense Integration

Now, you have done all your home work and everything is ready to generate revenue from the website. Now login to your Google Adsense and click my ads from the left navigation panel and then click content > new ad unit. Write proper name of the ad unit and choose the desired ad size. Ad units of 336 x 280 works best and most of the successful bloggers insert this size Adsense ad just below the heading of the post to improve CTR (Click through rate). You may also place your Adsense code at the same place in posts.php file. This can be done via theme editor page as we mentioned above. After inserting the code, ads will start to show up within 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, you have completed the entire task required for how to create profitable Adsense website. Stay tuned for more exciting tutorials as we are constantly adding contents frequently to enhance your level of understanding regarding earning money online. Till the time, bye!