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    I am using this template for my blog on blogger :
    and I keep struggling because I don’t know which widget I should use to show the bar of images linked to the posts, the one under the main menu.
    Also, when I open a post, below it, it always appears the description and I really don’t want it. Can you help me?
    Thanks for the help



    The slideshow photos that link to the post are mostly likely featured, using that label.



    Im having nearly the same problem.
    I mean, if you visit my blog you don’t see any slide picture, only an empty space.
    But if you go on any label like they appear.
    I don’t know how to fix this, please help me!



    Pls show how I can keep line breaks in post summary on the home page in

    what code creates and formats post summary on the home page?

    Can I pay for creating a new post summary code that keeps line breaks and allows me to set up the post summary size or length?



    Mitchie, you need to add a label to your post.

    But Few Things Are Needed To Work It Perfectly:

    Your Blog Must Be Public From The Settings
    Your Blog Feed Set To Be Full From settings -> Other -> Site feed -> Allow Blog Feed (Full).
    Your Blog Post Has At Least One Label In Your Latest Posts. Add label that corresponds to your post and add a comma after the word.
    Labels are to the right of your post, where it says Post Settings.

    You can always use the label featured, or something else.



    Hi Lindy, thank you for answering.
    I already have my blog public, also my feed is full, and my posts, if i go from, have like 3 or 4 labels each one.

    my problem is why in the home page the slide show isn’t visible… 🙁



    Also why only one posts on the home page have got the photo, if every post have pictures?



    I just downloaded and installed this template and the slider works fine. Are you adding a comma after your label word?

    Slider example

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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