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    my add

    Hi there,

    i need help with my comments. My readers can’t leave comments, the box is not showing and even when there are comments eg on old blogposts they aren’t shown, see here:
    on my blogger dashboard the comments are set as embedded, still they don’t show.

    quick help really apprecaited, i’m just having a raffle on the blog so it would be really important if you could have a look on that!

    thank you so much

    my add

    add on: to me it seems as if the settings of blogger dashboard would set “embedded” automatically to “hidden” back…i just discovered that as i already set “embedded” and now it had been on “hidden” again…. :-(( heeeelp!


    Try with Different browser with doing clear cache and cookies.

    Make sure the comment box not hidden by settings.
    Go to blogger dashboard >> settings >> posts and comments >> comments >> Comment Location >> and now make sure the settings for commenting is not HIDE. If its HIDE then change to Embedded or others, except HIDE.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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