Download Best Html5 Templates For Free


Html5 is a modern-day language of creating stunning websites. The task of creating a blogger website with simple, easy to use and clear coding has become the norm after the arrival of html5. The emergence of semantic elements, attributes of form elements, graphic elements, and multimedia elements. So far from its launch in 2012, there have been 5 updates in this markup language.

Before the arrival of Html 5, XHTML was used as the main language of structuring and presenting contents on the www. Though, there are various HTML 5 templates are available to download free of cost, but as we know that not all templates are made equal. They lack simplicity, clean coding, structural design and user-friendly. So, before going to decide or download any HTML 5 free template, it is necessary to know the main characteristics of HTML 5. This will help you greatly in choosing the right one for your online presence.

Characteristics of the best free html5 template

  1. Web worker – often inexperienced website designers uses heavy scripts to perform the certain task at the background of a web page. Thanks to html5 that allows the developer to create web workers that function separately with a web page and thus makes the coding simple, easy and fast loading. So, in your hunt for free downloadable template, this should be your main focal point. This will keep your website visitor satisfied and annoying free. So, you will get repeat visitors and most likely repeat sales. In fact, these are the essentials things for building up the empire of online business.
  2. Video Integration – the availability of high speed internet even in a small town has made it essential for every website to have certain videos for visitor interaction. Any website without video & multimedia seems to be a dessert. Html5 has made it very simple to include a video on any website. There is no need to have any proprietary plug-ins or codec to embed a video. So, when choosing an html5 template, this is a major point you should focus on so that your visitors do not need to download & install any codec for running videos on your website.
  3. Canvas – Another great feature of a free html5 template should be the canvas of images. This means that you can insert images on the fly without any longer coding. So, you must check out canvas feature in the template before downloading.
  4. Application Cache – another important factor to consider while downloading any html5 template is the use of application cache. For your understanding, the application is the same thing just like cookies but this allows large data storage on the visitor’s computer. This ensures that website loads quickly and smoothly. At the same time, it keeps the visitor’s computer less loaded every time, your site is opened. It is better to analyze the coding of the template to make sure application coding has been used wisely for maximum advantage and best result.
  5. Geo Location – this feature is awesome in HTML 5 which is best for mobile devices. So far a technology related company such as transport or tracking service provider, html5 offers plenty of options to make this tech happen. So, if you are in one of the related business, it is the time to find out Geo Location enriched html5 template.

Html5 Template for Free Download  

Now, we will share two templates that are very good for any website:


It is a single solution for all your data presentation requirement in a structured manner. It complies with modern day requirement and is a simple minimal template. Thanks to vanilla CSS that enhances the beauty of the website. As with most of the sites, there are some posts which you want to be on the homepage forever, Itsy offers sticky post feature. Image slider further improves the beauty of the template, so for an online business like an e-commerce website, this is a fantastic option.

Most of the time it happens that webmaster finds it difficult to arrange data in the menu. If he or she tries to make it in depth, it affects the appearance of the website and beauty gets compromised. This has been well-taken care in Itsy template using drop down menu approach. Now, you can easily organize your pages in a well-structured manner. This will reduce your website bounce rate tremendously and will improve SEO score.

Apart from this, it is a responsive template which means that it runs smoothly irrespective of the device on which it is being accessed. Your website will run as flawlessly on a mobile device as it runs on a computer. The premium version is also available that included AJAX contact form using PHP form. Best of all, it is available as a WordPress theme as well.


Another great html5 free theme to download is a bootstrap template. It is specifically designed for travel, agency or freelancing website. Powered with Google map and smooth animation, this is the ideal choice for your online presence.

As the styling of this template was done with CSS3, it gives a decent and dashing look to the visitors of your website. Clean coding with modern development tools ensures that the website is slim, smart and fast super loading. Definitely, it is a must have a template for your online presence.

Though there are numerous html5 templates available for free download, very few are good ones for your online web presence. So, before making any decision, you need to analyze the template according to the guidelines discussed above to avoid any pitfall in the future or running your business. Remember, think a hundred times before making any final decision, but decision once taken, stand by it as one man.