How To Increase Adsense Income Instantly

How To Increase Adsense Income

Everyone in this blogger world wants to earn income. In doing so, hard work is necessary in the right direction. If you can earn money while you surf your time with family and friends, then this could be the best way to earn income.

After the arrival of internet, various means of earning income invented such as affiliate marketing, advertising revenue, freelancing etc. The most important and easy way to generate income is through displaying different 3rd party ads on your website or blog.

There are various types of advertising in the internet world such as CPM & CPC. In CPM, webmasters are paid for every ad impression.

Advertising companies give very low rate per thousand impression. That is why, it is avoided by low traffic generating blogs or websites.

On the other hand, CPC is a cost per click advertising. In CPC, webmasters are paid for every click on advertisement on his or her website.

As it is not easy to get clicks on advertisement, CPC offers better rates as compared to the CPM advertising programs.

Please keep in mind that visitors to your website clicks ads only when they are closely relevant with the content of your website.

There are numerous companies in the world that are offering CPC advertising inventory to the bloggers or webmasters such as Yahoo Publisher Network & Google Adsense advertising program.

How to Increase Adsense Earnings

There are many ways you can use your website traffic to earn money. The wonderful approach is to use 3rd party advertising to make handsome money. Though, there are numerous programs available that let you earn money, but there is no competitor of Adsense.

The main company behind Adsense success is Google. Through the expertise of Google, Adsense has evolved into a best all-rounder advertising serving company that displays ads in the form of text, video, image or interactive media format advertising.

In its true sense, Google Adsense is a cost per click (CPC) program. Any blogger, video owner can join Adsense as a publisher. The publisher has to insert a small html code into their page where he or she wants the advertising to appear. It is the beauty of Adsense spider that it crawls the page to know the details of the page and then deliver targeted ads for the visitors of the blog or website.

As Adsense works on CPC methodology, it shares the profit of the advertising revenue with its publisher on sharing basis. According to a rough idea, publishers get 68 % of total revenue earn from advertising. Publisher often ask the amount of money per click. Please keep in mind that there is no such information available as Adsense has not disclosed it yet and will never disclose it in the future. However, there are observations that some niches are well paid and can give you revenue up to $ 15 per click.

Many new bloggers often misunderstand the Adsense program. They mix Adsense with CPM advertising where publishers get paid for impressions. As we have clearly mentioned in Adsense publisher program, you will only be paid when your website visitors click the links displayed under Adsense program. So the more clicks you will get on your Adsense ads, the more revenue you will generate.

Though traffic play a key role in increasing the revenue from Adsense advertising program, there are some other valuable tips for how to increase Adsense earnings. These are:

  1. Use all Ad Blocks

The secret behind getting a higher click through ratio of Adsense ads is to use all types of ad blocks. This way you will attract advertisers and it is a great chance to gain a better overall bid from the advertisers. At least use 03 types of ad blocks on a single page and you will get surprised with the overall performance.

Apart from this, you should consider using big size ad blocks such as rectangle to make them prominent. Often bloggers and website owners use blending color ads to mix with contents. But, we have tested with visible colors distinct from text of the article, and found a sharp rise in the click through rate (CTR) and in the advertising revenue as a whole.

  1. Red Links Color Magical Trick

Another great tactic to increase CTR of your Adsense ads is to use red color link throughout your site. Gone are the days when bloggers and webmasters use blue color for their links. Instead, use red color links and the same red color for Adsense.

Expert believes that blue color has now become outdated and is now become people’s natural blindness. As a result, people/ visitor to your website or blog ignore these links. The result is quite apparent that you earn very low amount of income from Adsense advertising program.

  1. Text and Image Advertisement

After the arrival of rich media into the world of website designing, people love to see rich media advertising. Rich media advertisements get higher click through ratio as compared with only text based ads. The reason is simple as advertiser can easily deliver its message to the public with a picture more precisely than from few words of text. That is why, there is a sharp rise in the rich media advertising now-a-days.

So as a publisher, you should cash out this tactic and generate code for text and image ads from inside Google Adsense Publisher interface. Once you implement this strategy, you will see improvements within a week. If not, please show patience because Advertisers will find you soon.

  1. Ads within Post Content

Placing Adsense ads in between the content/ article works best and yields higher click through rate. Though, some people argue that it looks bad to have ads in between your advertisement. But, this is the good answer for how to increase Adsense income.

You should try different color scheme for at least 07 days to judge the performance. We have tested large rectangle ad block just below the title of the post and same ad block after the end of the content/ article. The result is awesome and appreciable. You could also implement same tactic to maximize the revenue potential of your online presence.

  1. Control the Advertisement – You have plenty of places to put Adsense such as header, center, sidebar and footer. But keep in mind that homepage & inner pages serve different purpose. So, the ad placement on homepage & inner pages also variates too much. On homepage, you can insert Adsense Skyscraper or Wide Skyscraper ad to increase revenue from your website/ blog. As per our experience, Skyscraper ads do not perform well on inner pages, so they should not be there. If you are using WordPress blogging platform, you can easily control this situation via free plugin called Display Widget.

Theme/ Template Selection – in order to increase Adsense earning, you should choose a theme/ template which is Adsense friendly. This helps proper placement of Adsense ads that will result in high CTR (click through rate). On various theme/ template directory, you will find numerous Adsense ready template that you can use to increase revenue.

These template will answer your query how to increase Adsense income.

  1. Traffic Source – The traffic to your blog or website matters a lot. How to increase Adsense income answer lies greatly in this topic. Bloggers or webmasters should optimize their blog according to SEO (search engine optimization) metrics. SEO involves both off page & on page optimization such as link building, directory submission, guest posting, social media marketing, use of heading tags, keyword density etc.

By using the right ingredient, you can help your website climb higher in search engines especially Google. Once you rank high in Google, flood of traffic will come to your website/ blog and you will get targeted traffic. These targeted traffic will help you in getting higher CTR (click through rate). CTR is one of the most important factor for increasing Adsense income.

  1. Adsense for Search – You can earn handsome money from Adsense not just from ad block but from search box as well. If used wisely, not only it can lead to earn decent income but a good user navigation system as well. This way bounce rate to the website could be reduced significantly. A lower bounce rate is the main factor in SEO score of a website.

You can include your own website URLs in the search result. For this, you have to supply keywords list.

When a visitors search for a keyword related to the ones supplied, your website URLs display first. So, your website or blog get more exposure.

  1. Long Content – Now-a-days, the trend towards longer content is on rise. The search engines give a lot of importance to the blog or website that has longer content. The science behind this fact is that longer content covers any topic more accurately and in detail that of short content. This provokes visitor’s interest and longer stay. This reduces the bounce rate of the blog. As s result, SEO factor of the blog improves in the eyes of search engines.

How to increase Adsense Income is closely related to long content. By this, you will have more targeted keywords and search engine traffic. Not just that, you will get targeted ads matching with the content of your website or blog.

The similarity of ads with content increases the CTR (click through rate) of the ads delivered on your website. Apart from this, you can insert several ads inside your post to increase CTR.


There is no recipe for how to increase Adsense income. It is a try and hit process. One tactic might be of success to you, but not for other webmasters. You have to try and see the results with our tactics mentioned throughout this article. We are sure you will get success and will definitely find the answer for how to increase Adsense income.

There is no rocket science. You just need to understand the visitor’s behavior on your website. To make available contents according to their choice will definitely raise traffic and clicks on the Adsense ads. That is the hidden factor to make the empire in the online world. Act sensibly to achieve your goal before it gets too late. Happy earning!