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    I purchased Insight Responsive this evening. It’s warping my signature. I’ve even put the width into the code, but your template won’t recognize it. I don’t have to the time to go through 6 years worth of blog posts, removing each instance of this image. This is a professional blog. I can’t have these problems. Please advise.

    See posts at



    PS. The fonts don’t work either. The larger I make the font (sub-header, header, etc) the smaller it gets. I’ll admit this is frustrating to me because this is the 5th template I’ve gotten here and they all have issues.



    If you bought the premium version of this template, please contact respective designer ( to get premium support.




    Did you get your signature image to work? I am having image sizing problems with this template.



    Do this:
    Re-size Photos



    If you want to change the red color: Looks for #fc3931 in your template html and change it to your desired color.
    The other red color is #FF453E. Find it and change it to your desired color.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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