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    So I have the sora moon template and I’ve been having one problem.

    Normally, when you open my home page you see 3 posts and you have to click in one to see the full post. And each one has the social media sharing and a main picture and etc… So, my problem is, when I do preview of future makeup lines, I use like 6 to 7 photos in one post, and when I publish it it loses all the things that I mentioned earlier. You see two posts normal, with the main photo and just a lit bit of the text and then you see one big post, without comment botton, and etc….

    Do you know how can I fix it?

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you,



    Please post your blog URL here..




    Right now you can see it happen on page nº5



    The blog post of contains the following words,

    Olá meninas!

    Com a Primavera a aparecer e o calor a espreitar (se bem que, de momento, não!), algumas marcas lançam as suas colecções de Verão. E como todas nós gostamos de saber as novidades da Essence, venho mostrar-vos a edição deste ano.

    It has not Title. And also it has different font style. Please use Jump Breack for showing blog post in archive pages with good format.



    I tried the jump breack but it doesn’t make a diffrence :S

    And the thing is that it has a title, i will send a pic of the post on editing mode.



    Try with…
    Completely remove this problematic blog post, and add as new one with this same post. Dont forget to use same font which using in your previous post entitled “[Vídeo] Pincéis Indispensáveis- Kit para iniciantes”

    good luck..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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