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    my add


    First of all, I apologize in advance for my english 🙂
    The link for my blog is:

    I’ve installed the “Charm” template and a few things seem not to work:
    1. in the ‘Search’ box, the text does not appear at all. In the live preview of “Charm”, the text is supposed to be in grey color, but in my blog the search words I enter don’t show up. Could it be that they are in white color? If so, I don’t know how to change it and I’d be glad for your help.
    2. About all these top links.. where do I edit them? I tried to go to the “widget” page on blogger, but only some of the widgets are available for editing. It seems as if the edit page is cropped.. what do I do? I can’t even see the head footer in order to fix and edit it, only the widgets on the right column of the blog. I’ve added pictures fot making it more understandable
    questions 1 and 2
    question 2 header widget

    3. When I’m viewing a full post in the blog, in the end of it there is an “About the Author” section with a built-in text and a picture. I want to remove this whole section, how do I do that?
    question 3

    That’s about it for the meantime. Thank you for your kind service, your site rocks 🙂

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