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    I’ve just installed the Simplest Simple Mag Blogger Template and have been able to make some of the changes necessary. However there are still various things wrong with it. If you can help me with any of these I would be very grateful!

    My website is – so you can see what I’m talking about with the problems below.

    1. The social media icons are not showing up anywhere: in the header bar, in the sidebar widget, or within the individual posts under the ‘share this post’ section.

    2. Nothing on the home page is lining up – e.g. post headers are showing up below the corresponding photos instead of next to them

    3. Continuing on from the previous problem; the post photos are a different size and shape to those shown in the template preview and I don’t know how to alter this – I want to make it so the post ‘tags’ don’t fall off the edge of the image so-to-speak.

    4. How to I add the necessary links to the items in the drop down menus? Do I need to make ‘contact’ and ‘about’ main menu items rather than sub menu items in order to link to another page?

    5. One of the images showing up in my ‘popular posts’ sidebar is not the same size and shape as the other which seems a tad bizarre. Any thoughts on how to make sure they are all identical?

    Thanks in advance, I really hope you can help me!

    – Jess

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