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    I have downloaded the rosemary template and it has been the best template. However, the header with my logo is way too big and I can’t seem to make it smaller.
    I am also struggling wit the social media icons. the widget to insert my links is not one I particularly understand. unlike with the top menu, I can see what I have listed in the menu tab. the bottom menu and social media icons are not as easy to understand.

    anyone able to assist me.



    Give me your blog URL Here..



    my blog is

    a few things are really out of place and i am not sure what to do. if you also look at the space on the right, there is a huge unused space that just blank and an annoying instagram widget that i have no clue how to get rid off and cant seem to find it in the layout.



    First of all your Header log is way too tall. I created a smaller image
    For the social media icons, just type in the social media names you want in the Follow Us in the sidebar.



    Having some issues with this template too:

    After I install the template, most of the posts lost their post content on the main page, and they just show the title without the content ( usually a youtube video), and when you click and open just one page the content is there and you watch normally, but usually the videos and content shows up all the way in the main page, and now its just showing a very few, how can I fix this guys?
    my blog is:

    thank you very much !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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