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    I used scoop food template downloaded from your site and i have some problems with it. I mean i don’t exactly know where i must edit the HTML codes for:

    1. My slide show doesn’t appear
    2. My titles of post don’t appear
    3. I don’t have a preview of the posts those appear on the page fully
    4. i don’t know how i can make the connection between the labels and the menu of the page
    5. i can make a connection with the facebook button and my blog facebook page
    6. i can;t get of the picture with that chef and edit that post.

    I am a novice of the blogger and i really need your help.
    My page is .

    Thank you in advance



    Restore your blogger template and wdgets to default. And reinstall this template again



    I think i am not doing right because nothing’s change. Can you please be more specific? Thank you



    Dear Gooyaabi,

    I have installed Scoop Food theme on my blog, but the slider doesn’t work.
    Could you tell me, what should I do, to activate it? Everything work very good, without the slider 🙁 – my blog

    I will appreciate your help.

    Natalia from Poland 🙂



    1, Go to blogger dashboard >> Posts >> Now select posts which is you want show on slideshow.
    2, Now click label icon (This is located on top of post list and near to Publish)
    3, Click New label from the list.
    4, Place the word zblog in the additional dialog box. and click OK.
    5, Now the slide will appear.



    Thank you so much! Now it works! Yeahhh! 🙂



    I have downloaded the free version of this template and I have this persistent issue:

    Although I have comments in my posts (and when I go and read each of the posts I see the comments and the count correctly), on the main page it shows 0 comments for all posts.

    Please help..I’ve literally tried everything I found online with no results…
    My blog:



    (Just to note that I have currently deactivated the display of the purple circle with the comment count until the issue is hopefully resolved with your reply – don’t want my readers to think that there are no comments!)

    Thanks in advance, Stella



    Are you using Intense Debate for comments? If not, what are you using?



    I’m not using anything in particular: just blogger’s default option for comments in posts. No widgets: nothing.



    I also read here that another person using scoop was experiencing the same issue and she got a response by “Lucky Sao” that the problem was resolved. I re-downloaded the xml template to try it out. The issue persists.

    Here is the link – check comment made by Abiee Lucas:



    I would very much appreciate an answer either from someone who has experienced the same issue or the theme’s developer. Thanks, Stella



    go here:
    Her comments are showing.



    I can’t figure out what the page author has done just by viewing the page source I’m afraid – I need a template’s XML file to see what amendments one has done to the widget 🙁
    But I have contacted the blog author hoping that perhaps she will see my message and provide for some insight, so thanks LindyLou. Any chance a moderator or the developer to respond? That would be spot-on quicker and more reliable. Thanks in advance, Stella



    Are your comments enables in Settings and also on your post options, on the right?



    Yes they are enabled



    So no chance for a response by the developer? *disappointed*



    Not sure why the designer does not answer. Maybe they expect you to buy the theme first.



    Then it’s probably best if they don’t allow forum support to users who have downloaded the free version. Anyhow thanks LindyLou: I do appreciate your interest! Really <3



    Hi I installed the Scoof Food Template all things good but the problem I don”t know to customise the Newsletter email subscription on my website please help how to do it – I love your template!

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