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    I recently purchased the Masterpiece Premium Blogger template and I am having some problems with it. In its documentation (file:///Users/brynn/Downloads/Masterpiece-Carousel-Free%20(1)/documentation-crown.html) , it says that you can edit the main color of the template, but none of the Advanced template options seem to be available after I’ve installed the template. In fact, the whole Advanced section in the template editing area doesn’t work at all.

    I would also be interested in removing the entire footer section … it says that if I bought the premium version I could get rid of the “Designed by…” but it’s still there.

    I would also like to get rid of the Instagram footer since I won’t be connecting an Instagram account to this.

    Please let me know how you can help since I paid for the premium version and no one will respond to my emails even though it says “Lifetime Support”

    my add

    To change the color in the template. Go to edit HTML. Click CTRL and F at the same time to open a search.
    Search for #DDBE85. Wherever the color code is, you can change it to your preferred color.

    To remove the footer credit or change it to yours. Do another search in the HTML for:
    <div id=’copyright’>Created ByYo..! Templates

    You can customize that link by changing
    <div id=’copyright’>Customized ByMyBlog

    Add your blog url to where it says myblogname. also change Blogger templates to My Blog and then change Yo templates to your blog name.

    To remove Instagram: Do a search for: When you find it, remove it. Check your template.

    <div class=’insta’><h5 class=’yo-insta’>Follow Me @<i class=’fa fa-instagram’/><span>I</span>nstagram</h5></div>
    <div id=’instagram_list’>

    <div id=’instagram_spinner’/></div>

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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