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    Hello! I need some help please and i can’t find what i do wrong…
    I made a new blog (on blogger) and i use Sparkle Grid (free template). Here is my blog:
    When i click on a label tag the page does not show the pictures of posts properly.

    I made a post about a book:

    You can see down the labes (tags). Click for example on Vigeogames tag and then you will go to this page:

    You can see now that the page does not load the post’s image properly. The image of the post is shown for a second and then become very very small.

    Any solution for this please?


    my add

    I found that if i change this:
    i=100/(parseInt(e)/c.width()*100 to i=100/(parseInt(e)/c.width()*1200

    then its ok! but this afect my homepage and the posts there are HUGE!
    so we need to find how to affect the size of posts in other pages without affect the homepage


    my add


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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