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    my add

    So I recently downloaded the Pasco theme and love it but they are a few issues with it and me knowing no HTML whatsoever I am struggling to fix it myself so any help would be much appreciated!

    My blog is if you want to have a look.

    1) I want to move the blog post title to the top of my blog post instead of the bottom. Yet keep the read more button, comments & social media icons in the bottom footer

    2) How do I include links within the navigation bar to other pages on my website and link the social media icons (also under the header) to my social media pages .. honestly clueless!

    3) How can I enable adjustable sizes on my images as they are currently set to AUTO and I do not know how to fix it

    4) Last question what it the plain black bar at the top of the page for?

    Thank you so much!

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