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    Please help me with some blog template shenanigans

    Hi! I decided to start a blog (http://inkdew.blogspot.com/) and set out to use a free template (https://gooyaabitemplates.com/clean-mag-responsive-blogger-template/) but I’m having some troubles with some of its features and I was hoping some of you might help. I have the bare minimum knowledge of html and slightly grasp the concept of CSS.

    My issues are:

    I was able to set up a post thumbnail using the src=”” attribute on an image inserted in the post, which made it so the theme would display it on the home page, but in the template there is an slider on top of the page that takes those images and displays them in sequence which is not happening on my blog.

    Another major issue is that (again in the home page) when I write new posts they push down the older ones and there is no way to scroll down to them.

    If you could take a look at the template (liked above) and my blog and perhaps tell me what went wrong I would appreciated it greatly. Thanks in advance guys.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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