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    Some suggestions..

    1, Use Google webmaster tools and Google Analytic for get visitors from google.
    2, Use H1 tag and less too many H2 tags
    3, Try to reducing widgets.



    please i have logged into google webmaster tools and google analytic but dont know exactly what to do there or what am looking for inside.
    please tell me what and what to do inside actually.
    also please i dont understand what you mean by H1 and H2 tags
    thank you so much God bless you



    If you want visitors from search engines (Google, yahoo, bing) you need know about SEO.



    Check out my blog and see if its suitable?




    my blog urlPlease check my blog and tell me how can i make a good blog for my visiter I’m afiliat with amazon and wants add there products by my blog



    You need to update regularly. A good blog though. !



    It looks messy. Arrange it neatly.



    my new blog is plz read it and give your reviews. thanks


    Yes, but arrangement is not good.



    I downloaded template but is on zip file please how can I extract it to work on my blog



    @desmond, right-click your zip/rar file and click “extract file…” or “extract here”



    plz check my blog if is okay

    plz tell how google adsense can approved me



    There are many factor why google won’t approve your blog. But first, your blog must be at least some months old. I don’t remember I think about a month or at least three month.
    “Getting an AdSense approved is not really hard if you have a quality website that is focused more on high-quality content, optimized for search engines, uses a great design and with the good number of visitors. Because that’s what Google wants from its every publisher.
    Make sure to do these things before applying for Google AdSense. ” I got it from an article

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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