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    Hi. I use smaller image setting in my previous template. When I use Pasco, my picture were stretched to fit the wider width, so my picture became blurred. The effect is most obvious on my vertical picture, where it was stretched to fit the width, so the height was also extended a lot. It became very blurred.

    Is there anyway for me to make Pasco template not to auto adjust my picture size?




    Hey nee,

    I am also using this template and am struggling with this. Not sure which bit of the code to edit to change image sizing from auto.
    Have you had problems with adding your blog to bloglovin by any chance? This is my current and seemingly huge problem since it is the most popular blog reader but bloglovin can’t seem to find it. Hope I haven’t edited the template too much!




    Hi again!
    I’ve just been playing around with my template, and have found an answer to your problem.

    You need to go into the templates HTML and CRTL F and look for ‘ .post h1 { ‘
    The coding underneath mentions padding which closes the above { IGNORE this. Go to the next set of { }

    Included in the next set should be img and 100% and height set as auto. You have to delete the content within these brackets including the brackets themselves. This lets you determine the size of your photos instead of it being overrided by the blog template.

    It worked for my PASCO template so should work for yours




    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry for late reply. I have login problem into Gooyabi and in the end, had to create another login to answer here.

    Your suggestion works (thank you for this!) but unfortunately only in full post pane. At least, half of the problem solved ;). In the main pane, the images are still stretched. I think the problem lies with the setting unable to differentiate vertical and horizontal pictures. I’ve tried playing around with the img setting in the html, setting the max width etc, but always ended up making the vertical right but screwed up the horizontal pictures instead.

    I don’t have a bloglovin account so I do not know how it will work there. Does bloglovin help with your traffic?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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