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    It’s set to show 20, but only 2 are showing, and I have 5 posts. For awhile 3 where showing, not it’s back to 2.

    I am using this template

    What am I doing wrong?



    I switched to this one, still having the same problem.



    How and which steps you are using to limits to showing your blog posts in your home page?



    In layout, I click the edit button on the blogposts widget. It is set to show 20 posts on the first page.



    Try with following.
    Got to dashboard >> Settings >> Post and Comments >> Show at most and now, set the limits. : – )



    It’s already set to show 20 posts on main page too



    Can you add here your snapshot of your layout and setting page? Please..




    Anyone have any ideas?



    So I have a “test” blog where I test out templates, and when I upload a responsive blogger template to it, it works fine. Uploaded the same one to my real blog, and it doesn’t work right. What the heck?

    Test blog, kinda messy but the posts are all showing.



    Please compare all settings in real blog with test blog.



    So I found the problem by accident. Apparently you have to put a jump break after the first photo in each blogpost in order for them to show correctly on the homepage. If only the instructions would have said so in the first place lol.



    Hello jojo me you could say as arreglastes, ami I feel the same: /
    this is my blog: comes to games and then at the entrance to my blog just walk me 3 out, please help me, “I’m from Latin America”



    i have a problem on my blog there is only 4 post showing on home page , my blog is
    please help me and i allready increase 20 blog on layout – blog setting but nothing heppnd



    I am also facing this problem any one please help me.



    Gooyaabi please help me…. My website is… The color of my header is white and I’ve tried changing it to red… It’s not changing… Please it is urgent… The template is masterpiece

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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