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    I’ve downloaded this theme less than 2 hours ago and would like some assistance.

    The “Recent Post” widget shows everything but the thumbnail images in the Voux Blogger Template.
    Recent Posts No Thumbnail
    How do I get the images to appear?

    Also, the Pinterest icon shows a Pin it button. How do I change it from Pin it button to icon? I remember vaguely adding some code from Pinterest. How do I remove it if that’s what’s causing the issue.



    Give me your blog URL..



    No ThumbNail Image showing in blog for related posts : plz check and update getting issue on almost every theme but i like this one and mc3 revoltify





    I now have a new issue.

    The width of the page has shrunk from full width to, well, not full width. From header to sidebar to footer to text body.

    When I created and uploaded my header it was based on the fact that I had a full-width blog working with.

    That means my header went ALL the way across the top of the page to the scroll bar. I noticed this today. This is the blog link.

    I’m still unable to get the thumbnails to show for “Recent Post” widget in Voux Blogger template.

    What can I do to fix these issues?

    Any help will be welcomed. Thank you.





    Thank you for replying.

    Both links show that I can use a Blogger or Google+ user profile.

    I’m using the Google+ profile.

    Under “User Settings” >>General it shows both options. However, whichever one I select the blog appears the same – not being stretched across the entire width of the screen.

    Needless to say, my “Recent Posts” thumbnails are still not rendering.

    What now?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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