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    You need edit this section to modify picture and text. Dont for to Save changes after you did above.

    <!-- This is slideshow Configure your images here just replace the image url with yours
    					================================================== -->
     <div class='wrapper'>
    				<div id='slideshow'>
    					<!-- Configure here your own images
    					================================================== -->				
    					<img alt='image1' src=''/>
    					<img alt='image2' src=''/>
    					<img alt='image3' src=''/>			
    <div class='bt-slider'>
    <div class='slide-container container text-left'>
    						<div class='slide-content page-scroll'>
    <!-- Add your Author Image here
    					================================================== -->	
    							<div class='text-rotator'><p class='rotate text-slide-title primary-typo strong'>HELLO I'M JOHN DOE|WELCOME TO MY PERSONAL BLOG|I LOVE TO DO CREATIVE THINGS|I'M PROFESSIONAL WEB DEVELOPER</p></div>
    my add

    I have been trying to use the memento template to update my blog.. I like the look but there are 2 very glaring problems that I cannot find answers to .. or fix myself..


      none of my blog posts show up

    on the front page.. i can see a popular blog sidebar.. but the actual blogs are not showing regardless of text or images.

    2) I would like to upload a

      logo for the blog

    instead of the title.. description.. but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to do this?


    Please look the file “Documentation” it has setup instruction. The Documentation file included with your downloaded template file…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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