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    plz admin help me with tricks and cool ideas from ur cool brain 🙂
    my blog is



    I suggest you to some following points.

    1, Change Default words with your own words in menu item
    2, Fount two contact form widget and google plus widget in your blog. Reduce these as one.
    3, Keep popular posts maximum 7. I recommend for your blog just 5.
    4, Keep edit Featured post area.
    5, Find and Remove unnecessary widget in your blog like, HTML& Javascript widget, Like us Widget and more.
    6, Multiple Meta Description tags found in your blog. Keep this one via Html Editor or Dashboard › Settings › Search preferences.
    7, Add one or more high pr outbount link in your blog posts.

    if you want more, please replay after making that changes.

    Thank you.



    hi bro thanks for giving ur time … plz help me i have just 1 problem with this template .. see in my blog’s homepage posts r shown when they are clicked only that much where i have put ” insert jump break ” line and it doesnt show read more .. link there … plz tell me how can i put read more link on posts in home page … i have done all according to ur last suggestions … thanks waiting for ur reply



    Hi kashifqdn, Unfortunately, HelpDesk Theme not have read more option. This is just for Help support blogs.
    Thank you.



    hi bro .. but isint it possible to do by doing some changes in html or adding any css … plz bro i had worked hard on this template and if this option would not be available i will have to remove the whole template…. plz bro help



    I like how you arranged and categorized the information brother ;D



    Thank you bro remember me in ur prayers



    Admin pls, I need a more fancy and colourful template for my blog. I have made some downloads, but don’t know how to install them. I use WordPress theme layout at the moment.

    Best regards



    @onyil Thank for your request. We also interest publish more templates day by day. But still, please look up following Categories if you interest.

    Please reply with your blog URL if above is not satisfied.




    Here is the link to my blog.

    I’m transferring from WordPress and have had to do everything manually. The only problem I can’t seem to solve is the ad banner at the top of the page. When I go to edit, there is no widget for it like the side ad banner. Any tips would help a lot.

    Thanks in advance!



    Here is the link to my blog have somebody suggestions !
    please let me know for improving my blog Greetz




    @voegertje Your blog is looking good. Please consider about, reduce empty space between the blog posts and the footer colums on home page.



    Thx for the quik respons i will work on that…i have one question how i get a drop menu on my blog i treid view drop menu but that not work not on that template i have… i have one drop menu on my blog that was already instal in template i treid to copie and paste it but that not works Please help 🙂 Greetz hope fast to hear from you



    @voegertje already drop dwon menu availabe in your template. You can customize it.



    Please I need suggestions on what to do to improve on my blog.



    could you please check if my blog content is suitable?
    If you like it and want to collab please don’t hesitate to email me


Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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