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    I have several question for u :
    1. How to edit menu on my blog?
    2. How to edit link for my social media?
    3. How to edit the author biography?
    4. How to delete some social media on side bar of the post (in case i dont have the account of it)?
    This my blog website :

    Thank u


    my add

    To edit the menu, find this in your template coding.
    Look for <!-- Navigation links --> change all of the links with your own.

    to change the Social Links: Find < !-- Social links --> Where it shows #, add your url to your social media link there.
    I f you do not have some of the social media links listed, then delete the whole line, like
    <li> <a href='#' title='Join us on Dribble'> Dribble</a></li> preview first, then save!



    yes i’ve got a same problem too, but i just can edit my menus form this template

    please help me

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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