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    I just wanted to add my own photos, but I didn’t know how.


    Follow Template “Documentation” it has setup instruction. The “Documentation” file included with your downloaded template file.

    my add

    Go to -> Your Blog -> Template -> Edit HTML And Find ( CTRL + F ) This:- <!– Instagram Widget –>
    Now Change “//User ID (15920822)” , “//Access Token”

    To get your access token, go to:
    Click Generate Access Token.
    Then You’ll Get An Access Token Look Like This- 2332485555.1654d0c.55a6e4f951de429f89d5edc21b3c689b

    Now Search In Blogger Template Editor This ” <!– Insta Feed –> ”
    In your html where it says userID: type the first 10 number of the access Token there.

    Where it says accesstoken:
    Type the all of the number there.

    In your html,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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