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    Hi there, I’ve installed the template and customized it to my liking, however the Featured Posts/Carousel at the top is not showing up at all.
    Link: http://www.disarraymagazine.com




    Did you add the labels? Access your blog Layout > click Edit link(carousel). add your desired label in the html/javascript area.
    like this.

    Those are examples. in each post, you have to use a consistent label and then add it to the carousel box.

    Alos make sure your blog feed is Full.



    Thank you 🙂 it is really helpful for me



    it is really helpful for me . Thank you so much 🙂



    You are welcome.



    I’m also having trouble with the carousel. I can use the featured post fine. I’ve set up the labels too.

    But the carousel isn’t working for me, not showing up at all. Just showing like plain text in the widget. Please help.

    . Featured post and rest are working fin.e



    Be consistent with the labels.Use caps or lowercase and make sure they are the same when using the carousel.



    I have the same problem. I bought premium Avocet template from Sora, I wrote them several times now and still no respond! First page is not shown properly. I followed your instructions carefully but Label Based Slider widget, Feauture Post widget and Recent/Random Post widget does not work. I know how to use labels, I am consistent and I always use a few same labels, so there is not problem on my side. For example when I try to enable Label Based Slider widget and I wrote : [Kozmetika][carousel][6] the output on the webpage is just the same string that I wrote and nothing else (Kozmetika is one of my labels).
    What can I do to fix this features?

    How I did it: https://ibb.co/kAWeLv
    The result: https://ibb.co/iGKoDF

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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