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    I don’t know how to do I am just the beginner but I want my blog look beautiful

    Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance
    how to replace my picture

    my add

    What exactly do you need help with?

    my add

    1. Open Html Editor and press Ctrl+F then type sidebar_author_profile_widget and press enter you will see the code like below:
    Change the url image to your image. You will need to upload a photo of yourself to your blog to get the url.
    Make the changes too for all of the social media buttons.

    <!-- sidebar_author_profile_widget -->
    <div class='vt_sidebar_author_item'>
    <div class='image-wrap'>
    <img src="" alt="VeeThemes" />
    <div class='social linear-3s'>
    <div class='social-inner'>
    <a href="//"><i class='fa fa-facebook'/></a>
    <a href="//"><i class='fa fa-twitter'/></a>
    <a href="//"><i class='fa fa-google-plus'/></a>
    <a href="//"><i class='fa fa-dribbble'/></a>
    <h4 class='author_name'><a href="#">Jane doe</a></h4>
    <p>In semper mi a metus aliquam condimentum. Donec a sapien vitae odio auctor gravida ac sit amet magna. Suspendisse bibendum porttitor lacinia.</p>
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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