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    my add


    I have 2 problems.

    1) I couldn’t make ‘Ads Home/Post (728×90)’ to work. When I added an HTML/JavaScript ad code, the ad was showing only in the main page and when I clicked on any post it was showing only the add (twice) with the rest of the page white blank.



    2) Random Posts and Recent Posts (at the bottom of the page) don’t work at all, what should I do?

    I also want to customize some things.

    1) How can I change the ‘black’ colour of main theme? Is it possible?

    2) Facebook logo on top and bottom. Can they open in new tab?

    3) I want to translate ‘HOME’ in Greek language in the Menu tab (Main Menu)

    4) I want to change the message ‘Type and hit enter…’ in Greek in the search of Menu (Main Menu)

    5) In the ‘Comments system’ Can I arrange the [blogger][disqus][facebook] to [facebook][disgus][blogger]. I tried but didn’t worked that way. Can I also change the ‘POST COMMENT’ phrase because I want to be in Greek.

    my add

    On mobile version I have a serious problem, the Menu with the other pages don’t show up, it appears only the search. Please help.

    my add

    I found solution for the mobile version Menu

    The issue was happening because the LinkList gadget that contains the top menu wasn’t getting loaded in the mobile version of the blog

    I solved this issue adding mobile=’yes’ attribute to the b:widget tag of the LinkList gadget present in Template HTML.

    Go to Template tab in Blogger Dashboard and click the Edit HTML button. Now you would see a Jump to widget dropdown menu near the Save Template button . From it select the LinkList11 widget, then you would see some code like

    <b:widget id='LinkList7' type='LinkList'>

    Now to it , add the following highlighted code and Save the template

    <b:widget id='LinkList7' mobile='yes' type='LinkList'>

    my add

    Any help for the 2 problems with the ‘Ads Home/Post (728×90)’ and Random Posts and Recent Posts will be grateful

    my add

    Ok I found the solution to my problem no1.

    ‘Ads Home/Post (728×90)’ works only with HTML ad code, I was using JavaScript code ad that’s why it was messing the page.

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