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    I download from Food Blog (this is mine blog)and i don’t get 3 things:

    How can I get the second level for my menu? in layout i see the link list and can add only lvl 1. in html editor i don’T find something…

    And how can ich add sliders and features post? in layout there are options but dont know how to add. i tried some html codes but it won’t work.

    please help

    and maybe these: how can i add a background in this template? thought a bit of color would be nice (a cyan square surrounded by white)

    my add

    To use the dropdown menu from the linklist, just type an underscore before the dropdown menu name.


    For the slider to work, open the slider widget and type one label name you want in the slider.
    Example: type the word food

    Make sure any label you want in the slider has the word food as a label in your blog post.
    Labels are to the right of your post. type food, always use a comma after the label.

    The same thing for the featured widget. type in a word. label, then make sure any posts you want in the featured
    has the label in the post.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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