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    Hi guys! I’m new here, and also I’m really new on blogger!
    I installed the Emma beauty template (free version https://gooyaabitemplates.com/emma-blogger-template/ ) on blogger, but I have a lot of problem, especially:
    1- I cannot see the summary in the page post, I can see it in the Home, but there isn’t in the single page. Everything that i wrote before the image it’s not shown. I actually change the single post’s HTML to show it, but i cannot do it for all the post, so I need to find a solution for all of them. How can I do?
    2- I need to show a search bar on the menu’s left side, how can I do?

    Here the blog: http://www.consiglidimakeup.com
    I really need help,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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