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    Hi, can anyone help me figure out how to show more than 3 blog posts on my site?

    I have written and published 5 blog posts, but for some reason only three show up on the home page ( AND when you click on the ‘Load More’ button that takes you to this page

    It even says max-results=6 in the url and in the HTML version.

    I definitely have 5 posts published though. If someone can help me that would be great! Thanks in advance.




    Update I have 6 posts. Only 5 are showing.



    What template are you using? The Sales Page SEO? Did you try adding 6 posts to the Blog list gadget on your layout?



    Have you tried to add a jump break in the 5th post, to see the 6th post show up?



    The blog list gadget is set to show 20 posts.
    Yes using the Sales Page Seo Blogger Template



    Forget the jump break. Did you go into Settings and change the blog posts showing to 6?

    i just looked at the template and played with it. I see three of your posts, plus the video.



    On the home page, the blog post section only shows three posts :
    Blog post section on home page

    When I click on Load more it goes to the blog list page : Which also shows only three posts:
    Posts page

    The post settings are set to show 20 posts:
    post settings



    Ok, I do see you changed the blog posts. I just installed this on my test blog.
    I am seeing 5 posts on the Homepage.
    blog post on Homepage



    That is so weird because mine used to show 5. Now it only shows three!! What is your blog’s address?




    How many posts do you have total? Can you add more to see if more than 5 will show?



    Ok, I think I figured it out. Blogger only allows so many photos (limit) on the Homepage
    I played with some of my posts and when i deleted some photos in some posts, more posts showed up on the Homepage.



    I have 8 posts showing on the Homepage.



    It is strange, since you only have 1 photo in each of your posts.



    I even tried to comment out all of the social network images from the footer and still only 3 posts were showing..

    That’s interesting that more posts showed up on yours when you deleted photos in posts.



    I changed your link from to append the part after the question mark to max-results=20 and it showed up to 8 posts. Is that how many posts you have?



    Yes, I have 8 posts showing on my homepage. I also changed the code in the template.
    `<div class=’load-more-container’>See More</div>


Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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