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    So I’m obviously a noob, I can’t even figure out how to actually upload the templates to my blog. I have followed instructions on How to install Blogger template, but I got confused at step 7 where it says to “select only .XML file”. I’ve looked everywhere in the Minimal template folder already but can’t seem to find any similar file? Same thing goes with the Cocktail template. If anyone has successfully downloaded & used these templates, please help out a friend in need! Thanks heaps! (I’ll screen shot my template folders too if anyone needs)



    You need to have a software that runs .RAR files. (WinRAR recommended.)

    Then, extract the files from RAR file, by right clicking the file and selecting the option, Extract Here..

    After that, if you look into the file that you have extracted, you will see your .XML file, and you can upload it to blogger.



    I actually extracted all the files out already but can’t see any .XML file at all, can you help?

    Edit: Wait I think I found it just now, dunno how I never noticed it before! This thread ought to be closed now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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