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    my add

    I’m a newbie and I’ve just downloaded the perslog template and installed it on blogger but i can’t seem to be able to customize it. I’ve also checked for the “documentation” file but i apparently don’t have it.
    Heelp please



    Give me your blog URL and give me the details of which customization that you need..


    my add

    I’ve downloaded and installed ‘The Funk’ template and would like some help customizing it such as how to:

    > remove as well as add options from and to both menu areas?
    > edit menu items name (e.g. change from ‘Business’ to ‘Store’)?
    > reduce or increase dropdown menu options?

    > add a logo?
    > add a header image so that each page will have a unique image?
    > add posts to specific blog pages. For e.g., there’s a menu option labeled ‘Health’, how do I get ALL health related posts attached to this option (yet remain where it’s normally at – if this last part makes sense)?

    > change the color of the theme?
    > add pages to the pages widget?

    > can the hello bar, sumome, addthis and so on be used with this theme?
    > why does the theme NOT show a mobile version in Blogger dashboard?

    I’ve managed to add Twitter large summary cards code and it works great, but just looking on, these questions are my main concerns. I’m sure I have tons more, but these will get me started.

    If I get clear instructions I can implement them.

    I’ll be grateful for your help, and thanks for creating this beautiful theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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