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    Hello, I’m using the Simplart template and really like it a lot. I had several old posts that converted to the new template with only minor formatting issues, but when I created a new post in Simplart, I lost some of the cool features.

    1.) The large image and title bar at the top of the home page went away – now I have only the newest post up there.
    2.) The You Might Also Like section has disappeared on the post page itself. Title is still there but image thumbnails are not. This feature is still there in the old posts (posts created before switching over to Simplart).

    Link to example of old post:

    Link to new post created in Simplart:



    Actually I just figured this out – I had neglected to add Labels to the new post – once I added them in, both features returned. Makes sense!

    One final question – is there any way to control how the photos that turn up in the large bar across the top of the home page show up? Mine are cropped right in the middle and it’s often not the best part of the photo to showcase.




    I can’t add Gadget home
    Please help me!



    Are you using Cool Mag?

    If so, edit the Main navigation links. Add Home and under that add your blog’s home page url.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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