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    Hi, guys. I’ve installed the Blush template in a test blog that I have. However, the slider isn’t working, I’ve tryied to add the label in the posts e then in the Slider widget, but it doenst work. Am I doing something wrong? Plese help me 🙁



    What’s your url?



    Hi. I’m also having trouble with the slider.
    I have only one test post on my blog http://oletrix.blogspot.co.uk/

    Also having trouble finding the css code responsible for the body top flowery background.
    It is aligned to the left and not resizing to the browser window with.

    Can anyone help?



    Here is the image for the flower background: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QmjfbFO3CNY/VtgkJ-RZOKI/AAAAAAAADJo/nDSI7KbKF-k/s1600/background-image-top.png

    I think this designer needs to work on this template more.



    Hello Everyone,

    I’m the designer of this theme. We have worked hard on this theme and provide all the features so that no blogger needs to change Any CSS code from the template. We have incorporated shortcodes and settings which will help you setup this theme easily.

    With this blush theme, you can easily hide the top banner image without using CSS code and setup both sliders easily. Please read the documentation about all the necessary steps to setup this theme

    Documentation Link : https://blog.bthemez.com/blush-blogger-template-installation/

    Feel Free To Contact.



    My scrolling photo slider is not working on my theme. Is there any way to fix this? I love this layout, but need a scrolling slider at the top of the page. Thanks!



    i have a blog template called meed but does not display recent post , random post and does not display slide picture on main slider .i need a help please

    blog name= meed
    blog link = http://gooyaabitemplates.com/livepreview/meed/



    I would like the featured slider to scroll from one photo to the next. Is is possible to add that in to the layout? I’ve seen plenty of other layouts that do this, while this is the only one that does not. Please assist. I love the layout and really want to use it, but that feature makes or breaks it for me.



    just go to the very last in the template code you’ll see slider setting something like this $(‘.main-slider’).slick({

    just change the setting autoplay to true. It is currently set to false.



    Thank you so much!!!



    My sora film theme slider is not working after doing all steps given in documentation and popular tab post no. 4 is not showing .please help me . I love this template but after doing all setting in layout its slider,recent code and popular tab post no. 4 not showing. You may check my website u will understand.
    my website:- https://torrentmovievilla.blogspot.in/



    Did you add labels in each post? Try using the label Featured,
    Don’t forget to add a comma after the label Featured.
    Also, you need to add the label in the Slider widget. Use Featured no comma in this box.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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