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    hi guys i want help with a few things and i will be very happy if you help me. i use the the Wilderness Blogger Template and my problems are:

    1) i have seen how to change ‘#’ using html and my blogspot url so now i want to add content in those option for example i want to know how can i type in contacts so that if someone want to check it he can go there click and see.

    2) how i change and add a slider than i want. i found out how to enter a title above it but i when i take the url of a random picture and place it in slider-1.jpg spot nothing happend and i couldnt even change the slide. so how i do that? and do i need to find free slider-images cause if use random from lets say google pictures i dont have the full rights-copyrights or something like that?

    i hope you can help me and us my name say ”give me some love

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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