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    I downloaded and used the template
    and use it in my blog at
    I just want to say thank your first for the wonderful template.
    May I ask for a help in editing the template:
    1) How can I move the navigation menu (the one below the blog title /description)? I want to move it lower to the left, just directly above the LATEST NEWS bar.
    2) How can the post appear in the featured posts? I have already changed the title of each featured post but post with the same label does not appear below it.
    Thank you very much in advance!


    The carousel slider is now working. I mean the posts related to the featured post title automatically appear in the carousel slider. The problem is on the other featured posts.
    Recently, I have notice that both sliders are malfunctioning. They tend to align vertically.
    Another question, why do the images in the first slider automatically become grey? How can I change them to simply white. The original images are all in white.Thank you in advance!


    1. According Authors TOS, we do not giving advanced customization support. So you need buy the premium version of this template from the author to get advanced support.

    2. Go to blogger dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML and find the coding..

    <!-- control recent labeled posts from here -->
    <script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
    // featured posts 6 TOP MOST SLider 
    Slider_numposts = '15';
    // jquery recent posts ticker
    ticker_numposts = '15'
    // featured posts 1
    Label1_Title  = 'Travel'; // Add post label here
    Label1  = 'Travel';
    Label1_numposts = '5';
    // featured posts 2
    Label2_Title  = 'Entertainment'; // Add title here
    Label2  = 'Entertainment'; // Add post label here
    Label2_numposts = '4';
    // featured posts 3
    Label3_Title  = 'Movies'; // Add title here
    Label3  = 'Movies'; // Add post label here
    Label3_numposts = '4';
    // featured posts 4 carousel slider
    Label4_Title = 'Carousel Post'; // Add title here
    Label4 = 'Photography'; // Add post label here
    Label4_numposts = '10';
    // featured posts 5 
    Label5_Title = 'Photography'; // Add title here
    Label5 = 'Photography'; // Add post label here
    Label5_numposts = '5';

    Now replace exact label name with the sample label names.
    Example: now Im configure // featured posts 1 “Travel” to “Replaced”

    // featured posts 1
    Label1_Title  = 'Replaced'; // Add post label here
    Label1  = 'Replaced';
    Label1_numposts = '5';

    Do this same to all. Finally click “save”


    Thank you for the info. I have already changed the sample label names with the exact ones that I want but still the posts do not appear below them.


    When I click the TRAVEL label it is showing all posts in 2X2 matrix form.However when i tried to apply the same template to my blog it is not listing any posts under that link .Can you please help me in this.


    How much it cots to get access the full support from author ?


    i..have using this your template at here…

    your suggestion for edit label post on home not working properly, its showing only two post only..other two missing on home page
    Go to > Your Blog > Template > Edit HTML and find the following text:- // Featured Posts


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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