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    1. Header appears white instead of red on Homepage. How to fix that?
    2. Header background is beige instead of black on Homepage. How to fix it?
    3. The word BLOG overlays the showing in BreakingNews . How do I fix that?
    4. Is Breaking News for recent posts? This is a test blog to correct all errors before I use template on my real blog.
    5. How do I edit/remove Bio below post?
    6. How do I remove Way2themes green logo from post titles on homepage?



    I want look up your blog. 🙂



    I am new to blogger but want some customization by merging features of two different blogger templates
    i want to make my posts looks like the way available in this template which is available here
    and want to use all other features of
    so that i dont have to do SEO and other things , but as i dont know much coding stuff , i want to know which portion of code from which template i should add so as to get the final working template with the features of both templates , hoping some helpful hands will be there to help me out the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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