Best Ironing Board Covers

Best Ironing Board Covers 2020 – Check out our review on the best ironing board covers available in the market as per customer feedbacks. An ironing board cover is a specific cover that is used, especially on ironing tables. This type of cover stands out for its practicality and comfort of use. Indeed, it guarantees to all its users to experience pleasant and comfortable ironing. A person should always have a cover suitable for ironing shirts. Note that the best ironing board covers are specially designed to adapt to the shape of the table. A best and attractive ironing board covers not only enhance the durability of your ironing board but also gives a trendy look.

Best Ironing Board Covers 2020

Well, creating a list of so many options has never been an easy task. To choose the best ironing board covers, you have to research considering so many facts in mind. You should look after their manufacturing brand, color, material, and the final step is to read the review of thousands of customers. It can be a tricky task, right? So, to make this easier for you, we have come up with this article, reviewing some best ironing board covers. Take a look below.

  1. Vileda- Total Reflection Ironing Board Cover
  2. Smart and Gentle Ironing Board Cover-XL 140 x 45 cm
  3. Laundry Service Specialist ACTIVE Ten Wis. Steam Generator Iron L / XL (T2)
  4. Eolo Professional Ironing Station Complete With Electric Iron Boiler Axis TS01
  5. Eolo Professional Heated Ironing Board, Suction and Blower Motors TS05
  6. Lelit PA160 Breathable Ironing Board with Laundry Shelf

Top 6 Best Ironing Board Covers Review

Vileda- Total Reflection Ironing Board Cover

Iron your clothes smoothly with this Vileda ironing board cover to keep your clothes smooth. It is merchandise intended to maintain and integrate the method and excellence of old schools. It gives you the best experience of ironing your clothes.


  • If you are not good at ironing, this cover simplifies the whole process.
  • It makes ironing 40% earlier which saves time as well as electricity. This is facilitated by integrated cushions, straps, and laces for intuitive use.
  • With a silicone coating, this Vileda cover is heat resistant, making it ideal for ironing heavy fabrics. When ironing, the cover does not show color bleeding and keeps the cloth clean.


  • It is a little bit costly in comparison to other ironing board covers.

Smart and Gentle Ironing Board Cover-XL 140 x 45 cm

Get this Smart & Gentle Dash Cover and run like a pro, you will feel the ironing exception. Utilizing the latest design techniques, this tire offers unmatched performance. Also, MaxResist technology is very effective in preventing burns, dirt, or steam damage. Therefore, it is perfect for all styles of ironing.


  • The insertion into the ironing board is done using an easily customizable Velcro strap, making it ideal for a variety of ironing boards.
  • With three layers of padding, there is no doubt that this deck provides a good ironing experience.
  • The top is covered with a titanium coating, which makes the cover easier to iron due to reflection and heat retention.


  • It does not have any major disadvantages.

Laundry Service Specialist ACTIVE Ten Wis. Steam Generator Iron L / XL (T2)

If you purchase a Laundry Specialist ironing board cover, you don’t need to worry about ironing your clothes. Covers created with elegant patterns, and finishing styles perfectly complement the decor of the interior.


  • With a spacious design, this cover measures 148 x 62 cm, which is ideal and sufficient for putting clothes on when ironing.
  • The cover is made of a very strong cotton fabric that can meet all your ironing needs. In addition to acting as a cover, there are thick pads that ensure smooth and comfortable ironing. Therefore, this model saves a lot of time.
  • These models have a waterproof layer that prevents steam flow as well as an absorbent layer that ensures better steam circulation.


  • It is a costly product, this is the only disadvantage this board cover has.

Eolo Professional Ironing Station Complete With Electric Iron Boiler Axis TS01

Energy-saving copper boiler with a semi-continuous refill. Professional ironing tables TS series sturdy, stable, and made to last for professional daily ironing TS01. For 50 years, Eolo home & professional has been producing and distributing professional equipment for the home and the profession worldwide.  Each product provides the best functional performance over time with low energy consumption and is developed with “green-tech” technology. The eolo h & p can directly supply spare parts, accessories, assistance and can customize each product (ironing boards and ironing tables can be set up with cover plates with special padding).

Worktop heated with thermoregulation and professional iron. 2 motors for suction and blowing.


  • Copper boiler
  • For 50 years solo home & professional has been producing
  • External limescale heater


  • No such cons

Eolo Professional Heated Ironing Board, Suction and Blower Motors TS05

Two motors for suction and blowing. Ironing board with a heated surface, adjustable temperature with suction and blowing motors. If you want to feel the best experience of ironing, then you must try this ironing board cover once. Worktop is heated with thermoregulation.


  • For 50 years solo home & professional has been producing
  • 100% made in Italy product, three-year warranty


  • No Cons

Lelit PA160 Breathable Ironing Board Cover with Laundry Shelf 

The products are reliable and of the highest quality. While choosing the best ironing board, the breathable ironing board covers ensures the garment remains perfectly adherent to the ironing board and does not move during ironing, preventing the formation of further creases. The breathable function of this cover helps to absorb the steam emitted by the iron, removing the moisture from the clothes and leaving them dry.

Maximum comfort is completely built-in metal for greater strength and stability, the adjustable-height allows you to adjust the axis according to your specific needs, for more comfortable ironing. Perfect ironing in one pass the PA160 ironing board is an indispensable tool for fast, flawless and effortless ironing. Its structural rigidity and robustness make it suitable also for semi-professional uses.


  • Perfect ironing in one pass
  • Maximum comfort completely made of metal
  • Why choose an ironing board that transpires the ironing board
  • Why let products last so long
  • Entirely made in Italy


  • The housing looks good but feels very fragile.

How to Use an Ironing Board Cover?

For practical reasons, it is always preferable to use a cover on the ironing board. It is even essential equipment for those who own a steam iron. To make your task as easy as possible, you should know how to use this accessory in the best conditions.

Choose a Special Steam Cover

While all the covers are compatible with any conventional iron, steamers require specific models. Of course, you can always use a steam generator on a standard item, but you will quickly notice that it is not very practical. So, think about getting a suitable accessory.

Attach the Cover to the Table

In principle, these ironing board accessories are delivered with fixing systems. They can be different from one product to another. A very stable cover guarantees comfort during your housework. Thus, it is important to fix it securely on the table so that it does not stretch due to the movement of the iron. If you have a corded model, you will be able to balance the tension of the cover.

Adjust the Dimensions of the Cover

In general, the size of the cover should be exactly proportional to that of the table. If you purchased these two accessories separately, there might be a slight difference in the dimensions. If this is the case, stretch the sides as well to avoid wrinkles when ironing a cloth.

Adopt an Adequate Thickness

So that the mesh does not mark your clothes to be ironed, it is preferable to opt for a cover that has thick padding. In principle, the thickness of your accessory must be equal to 6 mm. If it happens to be too fine, just stuff it with more foam and sew it up afterward.

Change Cover Regularly

Above all, it must be admitted that the covers for the ironing board are not intended to be kept very long, regardless of the quality of the product. The average lifespan of this kind of accessory is generally two years. So, remember to change it regularly as soon as it starts to look a bit worn. The best would be to buy several models at the same time. Like this, you will not be obliged to get a new one every year since the frequency of use of each cover will be thereby reduced.

Maintain Your Ironing Board Cover

To avoid leaving stains on your clothes, make sure your cover is always clean. Even if most of the models on the market are in principle designed to resist heat, it is advisable to clean them at a temperature below 40 ° C. To do this, the traditional washing mode is recommended to maintain the quality of the fabric. Do not put it in the machine to dry it; just hang it in the sun.


The usefulness of best ironing board covers comes down to comfort and making ironing work more pleasant. There are many types of covers, but it is advisable to turn to fleece models. The latter offers a very high level of comfort! The cover distributes the steam from the iron over the entire surface. Thus, the worked linens no longer have wrinkles and are wrinkled more quickly.