Html5 Template for Website

The world is changing at a very fast speed. Nothing is constant except for the change. One has to be very flexible to adapt according to the changes. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to exist.

After the arrival of the internet, numerous services in blogger were offered that fulfills the user’s requirement comprehensively. But as discussed above, several changes affected the internet sector. Html language was used to develop web pages to disseminate information.

As the number of users increased over the years. Updates were brought in HTML language. As a result, the html5 version was launched. Html5 is assumed to be the worldwide standard for creating websites that user’s love.

Html5 Template for Website

Free Responsive HTML5 Template For Website

There are enormous benefits of using html5 template for website that can turn your online business into a profitable one. The popular benefits are:

Neat & clean – after the arrival of html5, nasty tags vanished due to its ability to enable the web designer in using the neat and clean code. Now, web designers can easily replace div tags with semantic Html5 elements. Most common semantic html5 elements are form, table and article tags. These semantic elements work best in all browsers.

Beautiful Forms – Html5 is a very good language to create stunning web forms. Without html5, it is not possible to create fancier forms. Fancier forms attract website visitors to complete the form and submit. So. It is the best tool to engage your website visitors with your web content, products & services.

Consistent Pattern – as html5 has become world standard for web pages, every html5 template for the website is being created in this language. So, in future any update is made in the template from the developer, it would be consistent with the old version. So, you will not find any problem in updating your website.

Rich Media Support – gone are the days when visitors have to download the various video codec to watch a video. After the arrival of html5, the hassle of codec has vanished. Now, there is no need of codec to watch the videos. Web designers & developers just insert the code of the video that can be watched by anyone having access to the website through an internet connection.

Application Cachehtml5 template for website fully utilize the power of application cache. The application cache files are saved to the visitor’s computer when the visitor visits the website the first time. Whenever the same visitor visits the website again, these application cache files do not downloaded again. Instead, they are picked from visitor’s computer. This whole process reduces the load on server and website loading times reduces to a significant time. As you might know, less loading time of a website helps it to rank higher on search engines as well.

Elimination of Codes – say goodbye to messy head tags that goes inside with the doctype HTML code. All you have to do is just type your data and make it available to your visitors. Due to such benefits, HTML has become very user friendly and it gives to neat, clean and simple html5 template for website.

Game Development – html5 offers great support for game development. The tag does all the magic. So, your visitors will enjoy a richer experience that they never experience before.

These features are not found in each html5 template for website. So, here is our handpicked for you that has everything you need to start your website with the right approach.

1. Skater – as the name suggests, this template is best for a sports website. We are really impressed due to the combination of black, gray and white color in the template design. Due to its highly responsive coding methodology, it works smoothly on all devices including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Skater is a cross-browser tested html5 template for website. It means that it performs beautifully on all browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera.

This template comes pre-built with pages such as index, about, services, gallery, contact us & 404 error page. Your website visitors can easily get in touch with you via Google map included the page with a decent look. Best of all, Skater has been coded in Bootstrap Framework. To enhance the beauty of the template, Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons have been used throughout the template. With so many features in a just single template, this is why this template had made its position in today’s article.

2. Flex Art – it is another great gray shaded html5 template for website. Like Skater, it is also a 100% responsive template. Your visitors can take advantage of your content from any device whether mobile phone or desktop computer. We have tested this template on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer and it worked flawlessly.

Often webmasters find it difficult to customize the template due to unavailability of documentation. The developer has taken care of this very well and made comments throughout the code for easy customization. The menu system is based on hover effects that increase the elegance of this template.

Google fonts and font awesome icons usage in the whole template makes this template more beautiful and stunning.

Like Skater, it is based on Bootstrap 4.0 Framework that really utilizes the power of html5 and CSS3. The utility of this template has been increased through the integration of numerous plugins such as the Minimal slider, Swipe box gallery, Number counter, Smooth scroll Js, Owl Carousel and Full screen overlay plugins. As this html5 template for website is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, you can use it on unlimited website freely. Alternatively, you can help the developer by donating some amount to help him in the continuation of this project.