Html5 Templates Bootstrap

Since the HTML language was launched, numerous updates were made to ensure that further improvement can be made in the design and development field. As a result, we saw numerous versions of HTML from time to time. After so much refinement and updates, the latest version of HTML is html5. It is regarded as the most powerful and exciting language to build websites.

You might have heard of Bootstrap framework. I think you do, that is why you are here. To make this term simple for you, you can take Bootstrap as a blogger template. This template is written in html5 and CSS3 with some JavaScript codes. As it provides valuable benefits to the users, it is in great demand nowadays.

Html5 Templates Bootstrap

There are numerous benefits of using bootstrap templates such as:

Responsiveness – due to the rapid increase in the number of mobile users, it has become the necessity to have your website ready for mobile phones and computers at the same time. This ensures that you do not lose the visitors at all

Cross Browser Support – Bootstrap framework allows the creation of websites that works flawlessly on all web browsers. In order to evaluate this feature of any html5 templates bootstrap, it is always a good tactic to open it in major browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox & Safari. If the chosen template is working exactly the same, it means that it is a said to be cross browser supported template.

Light Weight – Bootstrap based templates are good making lightweight websites. This is very helpful if your visitors are accessing your website from a mobile browser. Also, the lightweight template is good for slow internet connection users who find it difficult to load heavy websites.

Customizable – due to easy and cheap html5 template bootstrap availability, it is always easier to customize the template without any hassle. It is not a big deal to edit the bootstrap template and make it as you like. Unlike any other framework based templates such as Foundation, the process of customizing the template is much lower, that is why it is widely accepted as the number one framework for website development.

Documentation – another great advantage of using the bootstrap template is that it provides a detailed guide about the code. A step by step documentation is a very good feature for customizing the html5 template bootstrap.

JavaScript – another beauty of bootstrap templates is that it allows the use of several JavaScript plugins using JQuery. JQuery is itself in great demand due to superior performance and exciting look. You will find every 2 out of 5 websites using JQuery plugins to improve the overall appearance, performance, and utility for the visitors.

Now, it is the time to give coverage to some top quality html5 template bootstrap. These templates would be best for your website as well.

Free Download Bootstrap HTML5 Template

1.MeetMe – it is a well structured html5 bootstrap template. It is very popular among individuals as it is intended for personal portfolio websites. Though it can be used for any portfolio website, it could do wonders for UI-UX designers, web designers/ developers and creative individuals.

Due to its minimal design yet effective look, you are most likely to be hired by a professional company or entity. There is no worry as to the customization is concerned. You can easily customize this template according to your choice and visitor’s behavior.

The developer has made this template in Bootstrap v 4.13 and as a result, it is the best piece template for modern day requirements.

2.Opium – it is another one of the best personal html5 templates bootstrap. The developer has made this template specifically for a personal blog. However, it can easily be used for another niche blog. The best thing about this template is that it is highly customizable. You do not need to pour hours to understand the code of this template. Equipped with powerful documentation, editing the template according to your wish is not a big deal at all.

Widget rich sidebar makes it very simple to utilize your sidebar location wisely. It is your choice to include the latest posts, banners or latest comments in this portion of your blog.

Footer widget is also available in this template. So, you can easily drag & drop your favorite items into the footer section. As a suggestion, you should include your blog’s specific keywords in the footer section to maximize your chances to rank higher in the search engines.

Keeping in view the latest trends in the industry, this html5 templates bootstrap also features Instagram feed. So, for an Instagram liver, this is an awesome opportunity to maximize the traffic from Instagram.

If you want to turn your website visitors into regular visitors, then Opium offers Newsletter Subscription feature. This allows visitors to join you and get informed when something new is added to your blog.

The importance of social media may not be ignored at all. Social media websites can bring a massive amount of traffic to your blog if you follow the right tactic to market your blog posts. Being the top notch html5 templates bootstrap, Opium may not ignore these features. That is why; it has been scripted to include social media icons and links.

Not just that, stunning fonts, simplicity and fantastic use of breadcrumbs navigation makes this template as one of the best in the industry. It is definitely a must to try template before looking for some other option.