HTML5 Templates Ecommerce

The traditional ways of doing business have changed. After the revolution in Technology and IT sector, the transaction is now done in very easy, simple yet effective manner. Such change in blogger platform has drastically opened up the concept of online business. You can do business with anyone in this world. Physical location does not the hurdle nowadays. Anyone with an internet connection can do the online business.

Ecommerce is actually the process of buying and selling goods & services via the internet. In order to run an ecommerce website, you need to have a proper html5 template ecommerce installed to maximize the revenue.

To evaluate whether a template is good for your ecommerce website, it needs to fulfill the following criteria.

In this tutorial we will find easy and best way to create website using html5 templates for ecommerce

Best HTML5 Templates Ecommerce

1. Coding – It plays a crucial role in the success of an ecommerce website. Your template needs to be very easy and properly structured so that if in future, changes are required, they can be done without any problem.

The developer should code the template in the latest language such as html5 and css3. Templates which are based on old languages do not appeal to the visitors.

2. SEO – Every website is launched with a motive to drive targeted traffic. Same is true for html5 template ecommerce. So, the template developer should consider SEO metrics in mind to drive the good amount of traffic from search engines.

You should remember that traffic from search engines does not cost you anything, so it is a long-term decision that you need to focus on from your ecommerce template.

3. Responsive – In today’s era, the website needs to be very responsive. The reason is that websites are accessed from a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. A responsive html5 templates ecommerce ensures your website runs on mobile as good as on any computer.

4. Uniformity – Your website template should match with each other from one page to another. This way you would be able to create the brand of your website that would indulge visitor’s interest in your ecommerce products & services.

5. Matching – The template color combination should match with the theme of your ecommerce business. For a mobile ecommerce website, it would look quite awkward if you use a template using books and stationary icons. This put a negative impact on the visitors and of course, the sales potential of your ecommerce business.

6. Payment – Ecommerce template should embed payment processes so that the user could easily use the template with too many efforts.

PayPal, Skrill & Credit Cards are the popular methods of payment. Make sure, your html5 templates ecommerce has these payment options.

In below lines, we will cover some exciting and effective html5 templates ecommerce for your guide and help.

1. Fashion Hub – As the name suggests, it is an ideal template for a clothing ecommerce website. However, it can easily be customized for any ecommerce site with few modifications. The documentation is self-explanatory and very easy to follow. You can have your ecommerce web up and running in no time.

Due to its high-level coding style, it provides the best experience to your website visitors. Remember, if your visitors are satisfied, your business will grow tremendously within a short span of time.

The beauty factor has been emphasized greatly in this template. Hover effects have been used widely throughout the template with a neat and clean look. In order to help visitors, search form also available. Not just that registration, login, add to cart plugin has been added to increase the utility of this template.

As you know that in order to drive traffic to the ecommerce website, social media play a vital role. Keeping this thing in mind, the template’s developer has included social media links to help visitors in easy information sharing. It is an ideal solution if your visitors are from diverse platforms such as mobile devices and desktop computers due to its 100 % responsiveness.

It works flawlessly on all browsers such as Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari etc. This html5 template ecommerce has been developed in the bootstrap framework along with html5, css3 and Jquery support. This is the main reason it is widely popular among ecommerce website owners.

2. Electro Store – It is an amazing drag & drops html5 template ecommerce. The developer has made this awesome template for an electronic store such as mobile phones, accessories, music instruments, game shop etc. However, you can use this for almost all types of ecommerce websites.

Due to its professional look, this template appeals too much positively on the visitor’s behavior and converts them into customers. This template comes loaded with powerful features such as add to cart, carousel slider, user login, user registration, single product page, checkout page etc.

This html ecommerce template can definitely help you in maximizing your online business. Like Fashion Hub template, it is 100 % responsive and passes compatibility test positively on all devices and screen resolution. Like Fashion Hub, it has been developed in bootstrap framework, html5, css3 and Jquery.


Ecommerce websites have great potentials and the choice of the right type of template can harness the power of an ecommerce store. Think wisely while choosing html5 templates ecommerce keeping in view color combination, sleek design, cross browser support, beauty and SEO (search engine optimization) factors in mind. A minor mistake can lead to detrimental loss to your online business. Slow and steady wins the race so plan in a step and stay to it because change just for the sake of change is foolishness and lead to failure. Your online business is your hope and it is your duty to not let it down.

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