Gone are the days when you have to carry laptops with you to perform office task and to do the transaction in order to make money. After the arrival of mobile phones & tablets devices, things have changed drastically. No matter to which field you belong, you are now somehow dependent over mobile phones.

Initially, when mobile phones were launched, they were intended to be used just for sending/receiving text messages and making/receiving calls. But after that, technology has revolutionized the mobile industry as well with the arrival of Android mobile phones. Mobile phones that are using Android operating systems of Google are the main focus of today’s discussion along with the html5 template for android app.

Android mobile operating system got updated after several updates. With each arrival, numerous bugs and errors were fixed to improve the security & privacy of the mobile phone user. Taking advantage of Android mobile phones, various developers started to build various applications. These applications are termed as Android Apps.

All these are available to download in Android phones in Google Play Store. At Google Play Store, these apps have been categorized in numerous categories such as Entertainment, Shopping, Productivity, Auto, Business, Games, and Beauty etc. If you are a developer, you need to choose the proper category so that users could find and use your app. In order to promote your Android App, you need to take support from various marketing tools and techniques.

To stand out from the jungle of millions of Android apps, you have to devise new means of marketing & promotion. As you have a limited amount of money, you have to rationalize your spending and have to choose the option with higher return and impact. So, before launching any new Android app, you have to decide the platform to market your app.

One of the key marketing arsenals you have in your pocket is the website. It is a must-have the thing to have your website for your android app. In order to build your website, you must take support from the latest languages and technologies.

The use of the latest languages & technologies does have an impact on the SEO (search engine Optimization) score of your blogger website. This means that your website will rank higher for your desired keyword in Google Search Result. As a result, you will get tons of traffic free traffic from the search result and your Android App will get popular in no time.

But this can only be achieved if you are using the right template for your web. The following factors determine the worth of any template. In this article, we will cover only html5 templates for

Best HTML Templates for Android apps

In Today’s website design and development world, html5, CCS3 and Bootstrap framework 4.0 are regarded as the pillars of the successful template. Some fantastic Html5 templates for Android app that will be helpful in promoting your website are as follows:

1. Lite – as the name suggests, it is the very lightweight clean coded html5 template for android app. The orange color of the page attracts the visitor and force him or her to download and test the app. Though it has been designed for Mobile app landing pages, it can easily be used for Mobile apps & web apps. As you know, you may not explain about your app in Google Play Store comprehensively, so Lite provides you a good platform to describe the features and updates to your users.

It has everything in itself to jump start your android app website within 05 minutes. The coder has developed this template using html5, CSS3, JQuery and popular Bootstrap framework. We have tested this template on all major web browsers including IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera and it worked great. Best part is that it is 100 % responsive template that means you can access it from any device and screen resolution. You will enjoy the same experience and no layout broken issues which are quite common in most of the html5 templates.

If you want to amend the template, there has been extensive commenting help available, so there is no tension of customization. The beauty of the template has been improved via Google Web Fonts so the sky is the limit. This html5 template for android app is available to download freely under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. In order to fully utilize the power of this template, you have to install Smooth Scroll plugin as well.

2. Appliance – another great html5 template for android app is Appliance. Appearance wise, it is a gray tone template that is wonderful for the Business related app. However, you can use on any topic you want as there is no hard and fast rule due to easy editing. Like Lite, it has been made using html5, CSS3 & Bootstrap framework, so technologically it is at par. This is a fully customizable template with detailed commenting features. So, you are in control as what you want to display.

It works flawlessly on all screen resolutions and devices due to super responsive web design. It is available to go download & use under Creative Common Attribution 3. The availability of psd Photoshop files has made this theme highly customizable which most of the other template do not offer.

Conclusion – it is important to note that your app is your source of income. If you market well, you can earn handsome money and build your online empire. So, one way to achieve this is via an html5 template for android app. Make decision wisely to move ahead rather than changing your mind too often. This change can give you u detrimental loss that you cannot bear at all. Take small steps and win the race!