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    hey there try to adjust the template “affiliation”
    there is lots of images i want to change on the front page, you can actually remove pictures and add them, sadly this function doesn’t work whatsoever
    standard picture disappear and new ones wont get shown

    i tried many sizes incl the advice one, i cropped the bytes down to nothing in case its too heavy, all wont work,
    how can i make changes to the design features and put my own pictures in it ?


    pictures cant get changed, uploaded ones dont work , in the html source code it somehow directs to some standard picture.

    also funny thing is, if i add a pic, and delete the original one no picture at all get shown
    and if i then delete “URL that clicking this image will link to (optional)” no picture is shown at all,
    but if i add another URL from another picture it get shown and ignore the one i upload,

    makes no sense whatsoever, it have to be a bug ?

    ah and – how comes the template has issues with sub menues ? it cut down words the 3. level menue down to 15-18 letters
    and show them then broken up within the next line
    sadly buggy af template, would love to use it and was planning on buying the non branded version but in this version this does not make much sense

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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