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    hI ! sir i have already Used a costume templates..
    and my site is different text blogging tricks etc… but i want to add photo blogging on another pages..
    so please help me its serious… suppose tricks, download, background, photo etc…. where i want to add a single page which i want to add photos… i have a hundreds of photos so plz help me…


    my add

    Can u ask the Question Clearly?
    Actually to add photos..u need Url… for this
    u can upload the photo to blog as usual ….from ur pc…
    for customised way…u can add by picking up the url of that image
    and writing img tag



    Sir… I want to share photos on blogger
    With file default name..
    Its not possible to use url of images
    In hundred of photos…
    So give me an idea which never killed my seo… & easily i will share photos…with name suppose if i use picasa or any photo gallery on my page. could visitors will come my website in search result…if i use any code of thats…



    @ Chudamani Don’t feel about your SEO with adding image from URL.

    Follow PK’s replay to add image and now go to your post editor on blogger dashboard. Now click image that you want add SEO meta tag. Now you can see so many options on bottom of the image. Click “Properties”. Now add title text and Alt text for your image. This will get your image SEO ranking higher.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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